[SOLVED] How To Reset Samsung Remote

Upon purchase, Samsung televisions tend to come alongside remotes that permit people to apply changes to settings from a distance. By taking advantage of remotes, homeowners nowadays should be able to optimize their visual as well as audio experience with relative ease. However, while they have excellent operating records, it’s worth pointing out that Samsung remotes still act up on occasions. Because of that, once it comes to getting the most out of Samsung televisions, there is one thing everyone must learn: how to reset Samsung remote.

Resetting Samsung Remotes: Overviews 

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The remote of your Samsung TV is going haywire and you don’t know what to do with it? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article would show you the steps to reset remotes of Samsung televisions including standard and smart models.

For Standard Remotes 

  • Step 1: Open the battery cover
  • Step 2: Remove the batteries
  • Step 3: Wait at least 5 minutes
  • Step 4: Insert batteries back into the remotes
  • Step 5: Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds

For Smart Remotes 

Generally speaking, regarding how to reset Samsung remote, a wide range of suggestions exist for smart models at the moment. Nonetheless, for the best result, you should grab your remote then long-press B and C buttons until the remote light flashes twice. Afterward, you have to type in “981” to reset your Samsung remote to factory configuration. Assuming that things proceed smoothly, you may reprogram your remote to the TV.

Tips And Tricks For Troubleshooting Samsung Remotes

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For most of the time, reset usually helps homeowners put an end to oddities on remotes for modern Samsung televisions but its odds of success vary. In the case that your remote remain incapable of performing as designed after a reset, you need to try out the following

Picking Up New TV Batteries 

In the course of operation, Samsung remotes consume little energy so a set of batteries could sustain them for quite some time. Still, batteries of your remote would eventually deplete which interrupt the applying of changes to settings of televisions. It’s been years since that last time you replaced batteries of your remote? Then it’s strongly recommended that you get new batteries for your remote at the earliest opportunity.

Look Around For Signal Blockages 

The use of remotes in changing TV settings from a distance revolves around the transmitter (remote) and the receiver (television). If the signal is able to move from the transmitter to the receiver, you should have an easy time applying changes. On the other hand, if the signal runs into obstacles, there is a very good chance that the TV cannot execute the changes. Therefore, if your Samsung remote fails to perform as expected, you must make sure that nothing stands between the transmitter and the receiver.

Take A Look At Buttons 

If your Samsung TV starts applying random setting changes out of the blue, you have to consider the possibility of stuck buttons. If the buttons of either the remote or the built-in control get stuck, the television is going to implement the changes regardless of your wish. Hence, to be thorough, it’s suggested that you check out whether you have stuck buttons. By getting buttons unstuck, you could resume using your remote like normal once again.


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What should I do if my remote still won’t work? 

If oddities on your Samsung remote persist no matter what you do, it’s high time to get a replacement. Nowadays, it’s possible to purchase remotes for Samsung televisions via various means but as a repercussion, stick to reputable retailers. The last thing you want to do is to buy dirt-cheap remotes that fail quickly and force you to spend more money on replacements.

How long is the range of Samsung remotes?

In optimal conditions (clear line-of-sight, full battery, etc), the range of Samsung remotes may reach up to 60 feet. That being said, while watching television, the distance between you and the screen rarely exceeds 15 feet. Thus, you don’t have to worry too much about range as you use Samsung remotes. Usually, all you have to do to apply changes to TV settings is to point the transmitter of remorse toward the receiver of the TV.

Could I change settings from a distance without remotes?

Cannot locate your remorse but don’t want to stand up only to change TV settings? Then it’s a good idea to install a remote app on your phone. By installing a remote app, you would be able to turn your phone into a remote in times of need. For Samsung televisions, popular remote applications include SmartThings, SamRemote, Universal Remote TV Smart and so on.  Refrain from installing more than one application for remote control to avoid app conflict.

What is the battery life of Samsung remotes?

On average, batteries of Samsung remotes sustain operation for months before battery replacement becomes necessary. However, it’s noteworthy that the more you use your remorse, the shorter the replacement internal for batteries. Also, sometimes, if you enable specific functions, the battery drain of your remote is going to increase. Depending on the model of your TV, you could check the remaining battery of the remote.