[SOLVED] How to Remove MAAS360 from Android Devices?

Need to remove MaaS360 from Android devices? This article offers the most basic step to handle this issue from deactivating process to completely uninstall.

After finishing the trial of MaaS360, some users might find it is not necessary for enterprises with a couple of employees. MaaS360 is not appropriate for small enterprises since you would spend more time generating the system than just working directly with the employees.

In case you want to know how to remove MaaS360 from Android devices, milagromobilemarketing provides a step-by-step instruction that will be illustrated in the sections below.

Remove MAAS360 from Android Devices

What is MaaS360?

MaaS360 is a mobile device management solution that allows the user to operate the following tasks:

Mobile Enterprise Gateway Management

  • Manage browser’s portal: MaaS360 will set up security management for browsers in accessing corporate intranet, web applications and network resources. It can also access information seamlessly without needing to repeat VPN connection sessions on mobile devices.
  • Manage text documents on mobile devices: MaaS360 enables enhanced management of text documents without access to files on the local network such as Share Point and file sharing in windows.
  • Manage mobile applications: MaaS360 allows implementing virtual private network (VPN) to security applications integrated behind firewall data in enterprise applications

Mobile Advanced Management

  • Mobile device management: MaaS360 manages mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that run operating systems such as Androids, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows PC & OS X. It provides a complete vision of mobile, security and network devices
  • Mobile application management: MaaS360 deploys the optional applications for businesses such as blacklist, whitelist and request applications
  • Mobile cost management: MaaS360 monitors usage data on mobile devices and gives real-time alerts. Also, the program sets policies to limit data and voice roaming. It provides reviewed reports and analysis periodically.

The program is a great management solution for enterprises with a huge amount of employees. It forces all the devices to meet the same minimum requirements and offers ultimate management options for lost devices.

Users can install MaaS360 via this link.

How to Remove MaaS360 from Android Devices?

Attempting to Remove MaaS360 App

Before uninstalling the app, you need to restore your emulator to its unmanaged status. 

  • Step 1: For Android users, go to the home screen, click to the circle, and open “Settings.” 
  • Step 2: Click to “Apps”, and access to MaaS360. As shown below, the “Uninstall” button is blurred to deactivate the uninstalling. In this situation, the administrator must unenroll your account.


Unenrolling Corresponding Devices 

  • Step 1: Access to MaaS360 website in your web browser and log in your account
  • Step 2: In the section of “Device Inventory”, click to the blue button “View” as shown below


  • Step 3: After transferring page which shows your device information details (as shown in the picture below), move the mouse to the “More” button and click to “Remove Control”


  • Step 4: A “Remove Control” interface pop-ups along with a “Comments” box. Then type in the comment section including your name (replace “YOUR NAME” by your full name).


Accomplishing the removing process

Back to the home screen in your Android electric device. Access again to the MaaS360 app, and the “Uninstall” button is now available. Click to it and you completely remove the MaaS360.

That’s a Wrap!

This article has the aim to answer the question of how to remove MaaS360 from Samsung Note 8, for instance. If the above process does not help you to uninstall the app, just hang up your phone and make contact with the app provider.

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