How to Raid Someone on Twitch

Struggling to raise followers is something we have to come to terms with any time we have a new channel or a new website. However, this hustle is somehow reduced at Twitch where you can easily bring in your viewers into someone else’s live channel as soon as you’re done and are probably leaving your sight. This process, popularly known as the Twitch Raid, would be a great breakthrough to new channel holders and for that reason, I’m going to show you how Raids works by taking you through the process of how to Raid someone on Twitch.

How to Raid Someone on Twitch

How to Raid Someone on Twitch


Initiate the Raiding Process

Once you learn your business on the channel at that particular time is almost over, it is now an ideal time to start thinking of the handing over process of your viewers to another streamer who needs them. 

Before handing them over it is important that you:

  • Ask permission from the channel you wish to raid before you send them over especially if you do not personally know the streamer you are planning to raid.
  • Inform your viewers that you are planning a raid so that they get prepared to join the build-up.
  • Let them know who you will be raiding so that they know what to expect from the raid. If possible give them a little more details about the streamer you will be handing them over to.
  • Give the viewers a command to type into the chat of the channel you are raiding to announce your presence. 

After doing this, you can now execute the raid by overriding the timer after ten seconds elapses.

The Raid Process

What do you do to come up with a successful Raid? Let’s find out the answer to that in the simple steps below.

  • Bring to your viewers’ attentions the raid channel name that you are planning to take them to, by simply sharing the link to the new stream in your chat.

    How to Raid Someone on Twitch

    How to Raid Someone on Twitch

  • Remind them of the raid message, i.e. what they are going to talk about in the other chat when they arrive.

    How to Raid Someone on Twitch

    How to Raid Someone on Twitch

  • Then type “/host new channel” in your own channel to host the new stream.
  • Move with your viewers on the new channel you linked as shown in the image above.


  • The raid message you give to your viewers to type in the new channel needs to be linked and should always be related to your stream, so as to make it possible to trace the new traffic of viewers to your stream.
  • The message usually starts with a hashtag (#) and should be short consisting of one or a few words.


Remember raiding works either way and is beneficial to you and to the streamer you are raiding. It is therefore only fair to expect that your channel will also be raided especially if you stream frequently. When this happens, always thank your new viewers. Welcome them to your channel next time as you continue to enjoy the raid’s benefits on Twitch.

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