[SOLVED] Prevent Apps from Being Deleted Android

For Android users who have to leave devices unattended at times, knowing how to prevent apps from being deleted Android comes in handy. Today, the best solution is to lock your smartphone: use the pattern, PIN or password utilities to control access to your Android device. Alternatively, download and implement the SmartApp Protector third-party app. Rooting your device to turn applications into system utilities also works. 

The Answer To How To Prevent Uninstall App Android

Lock Your Phone

This is a no-brainer, but it really works, especially if you have children at home. If you have not set the password for your phone yet, it is time to do it right away!

Prevent Android Apps From Being Deleted

Most Android devices allow users to lock the screen in different ways, including swipe, pattern, pin, or password. In fact, the swipe provides no security, so stay away from it. The other three methods provide the same security level, depending on what you set.

Use Smart App Protector

The most effective solution is to count on a third-party application to lock your handset and prevent apps from being deleted (Android devices). There is a wide variety of app lock managers in the store, but Milagromobilemarketing highly recommends Smart App Protector as it is extremely user-friendly.

Use Smart App Protector on Android

After downloading and installing the app, enter the default password (7777) to access the main page. Then, a list of installed apps on your phones will appear. Simply select the apps you want to protect from uninstalling and tap the “App” button. Now if anyone wants to delete the protected apps, they need to provide the correct password.

Convert User App To System App

As you probably know, system app is not susceptible to changes or uninstallation, unless you have rooted your Android device. Therefore, converting the app you want to protect to system app is another solution to prevent your apps from being deleted on Android.

Follow the below steps to complete this method properly:

Step 1

Root your Android device.

There are many tools that assist in rooting your Android phone. In most cases, you will need to download the tool onto your computer. Then, use a USB cable to connect the phone with the computer before running the software to root the phone.

Root the Android device

Before operating the tool, make sure you have installed the Android driver on your computer. Also, do not forget to unmount the SD card of your phone.

Step 2

Move the app APK to the catalog system/app. You can do this manually or use third-party software.

Step 3

Unroot Android phone, and do not forget to reboot it. You are good to go then!

Similarly, lots of applications are available to help you unroot the phone. Using a computer is optional this time since you can unroot directly via software on the phone. The Universal Unroot app is highly recommended in this case.

The Bottom Line

This article provides you with four solutions to how to lock apps from being deleted. Let’s try out one by one and see if your problem is solved. If everything fails (which is not likely to happen), the last method is to take your phone to your provider and explain the case. Perhaps they have their ways to address the problem.

If you run into trouble or have any questions while applying these methods, please comment below. I am more than willing to help. Do not forget to visit www.milagromobilemarketing.com for more useful information. Thank you!