How to play the binding of isaac on android

Binding of Isaac is an adventure game which already has a reputation in the PC gamer community. Knowing the increasing number of smartphone users nowadays, the manufacturer “Team Meat” has developed the apps platform named “the binding of Isaac: rebirth. However, because of the religious problem, now you cannot search for this game on the official site of Google play store anymore. So, how to play the binding Isaac on android devices

Playing binding Isaac on android

Download the binding Isaac on the app store

Luckily, this game still survives on some apk app stores, and one of the best sites you should visit is

Just go to these apk apps and search for “binding of Isaac.” Select and download the game.  

Binding of isaac


Now let’s milagromobilemarketing introduce you precisely about the gameplay of binding Isaac on android devices.  

The story

The name “Isaac” relates to an anecdote of the Bible. The story told Abraham sacrificed his son “Isaac” to prove his faith with God. 

Maybe because of this religious issue, the game has no longer available on Google play.

In this game, Isaac’s mother is so devout that she has heard the voice of God tells her to sacrifice her son. Follow the sound, the mother lock Isaac in a closed room 

Isaac accidentally finds the hatch leading down to the basement, which is the only way to escape from his mother. However, there are full of scary creatures are waiting for Isaac under the basement. He has to find a way to survive in this adventure. 

The gameplay

The Binding of Isaac has Roguelike gameplay with 2D graphics and the top view.

The game brings you to a system of tunnels where you have to overcome and kills many different kinds of monsters (more than 30 types). At the end of each stage is the basement of the “boss,” which is stronger than other normal monsters. 

Binding of isaac 1

Of course, you have to destroy the boss to win the match. The only weapon at the beginning of the game was Isaac’s tears.

The control system is straightforward, you use the circular pointer on the touch screen to move, and the arrow keys to shoot “bullets” in the corresponding direction. 

Try to collect keys and gold coins (penny) when killing monsters. Those keys and penny are not only used to open doors and item box, but also to access the Shop Rooms where you can buy the items your strength.

The main character will not level up like other role-playing games. Instead, the player must find or buy items to increase the stats. 

You can buy items that give Isaac special abilities. Some items bring him healing power; some can summon a supporting pet when fighting.

Isaac’s heal bar is expressed in the form of the heart on the left screen. When you interact with an enemy, your heal is decreased until the game over.


Otherwise, there are four other characters with unique abilities for you to explore. And to unlock them, you need to complete a specific mission such as collecting enough 55 Penny and finish some important tasks.

Wrapping up

Now you know how to play the binding of Isaac on android as well as the gameplay mechanism. It’s time for you to join in this mysterious world with Isaac

There are many exciting and hidden plots twist that you must explore in the game. 

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