[SOLVED] How to make someone a mod on Twitch

Twitch is a growing streaming platform on the internet. Initially, it was a gaming platform but now widely used for streaming videos. In order to make your stream smooth and spam-free. You can appoint someone as a moderator of your stream.

How to make someone a mod on Twitch
How to make someone a mod on Twitch

The moderator has the right to control the users viewing any stream. If the moderator finds any spam comments that violate their rules, he can act upon the spammers by blocking him or there by using many other powers. The streamer itself selects these moderators. Three roles can be given by streamer to anyone watching their stream. These roles are distributed to make comments spam-free and be focused on stream only. Here we will talk about how to make people mod on Twitch.

Ways to make someone a moderator on Twitch

Making someone a moderator of your stream is very easy. For ongoing streaming, you can make any of your viewers a moderator. This moderator will be the powerful viewers, and they can be identified with the symbol of a green sword. They are dangerous for spammers.

How to make someone a mod on Twitch
How to make someone a mod on Twitch

For making any viewer a moderator, you need to type /mod and name of that streamer. After that person becomes a moderator of your stream, you can make many person moderators at a time on Twitch.

You can also visit your chatbox, select any user, and make him your moderator.

How to unmod people on Twitch?

For unmoding any person on Twitch, you will just have to type /unmod and username of that mod. This is done when someone is wrongly exercising their powers. Fake moderators can disrupt images of a streamer. You can mod or unmod streamers anytime on Twitch.

How to make someone a supermod on Twitch?

Above a normal moderator, you can make someone an editor on your stream. These editors have far more power than moderators, and they can organize and manage stream. The most trustworthy moderator is made editors, above editor VIP, comes. To Make someone VIP on Twitch, you will have to use VIP badges earned after completing any certain number of followers and constant viewers. You can distribute these badges to improve your community.

What are the powers of a moderator on Twitch?

How to make someone a mod on Twitch
How to make someone a mod on Twitch

Moderator is one who is responsible for maintaining a sort of decorum in the comments. Some trustworthy viewers are made moderators so that chatbox should only be used for discussion about the stream. Moderators can exercise their power to ban, unban, timeout, block any user while live streaming. For using their powers, they just need to type commands in the chatbox. Forex: – to ban any user, he has to type’ /ban username‘ and that user will be banned. Similarly, streamers can exercise all their powers.


Mod people on Twitchwho are your favorite, and you trust they will help you in maintaining decorum during the stream. You can add any person as a mod and also unmod them as per your need. Moderator has many powers which he can exercise on viewers.

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