[SOLVED] How to italicize on Android?

While writing, it is not possible to adopt visual symbols and expressions to distinguish or emphasize any word, so we need many fonts like bold, italics, underline, etc. Many times while sending any text via email, messaging, or while creating any document, we require using these typefaces.

If you are using any android device, then there are many ways to italicize your word. Using a standard android keypad, you can write in italic by using some characters before and after the word to adjust its typeface. In this article, we will talk about the method of italicizing for different apps of android.

How to type in Italics on your android phone?

For changing the font to italics on android, put an underscore before and after the world. For example, If you have to switch the ‘Lion’ word in italics. Then use underscore symbol before and after the word like; _Lion_, It will be changed to italics (Lion). It is a general method to italicize using a standard android keypad. 

Italics are a very important font, which you can use for gaining attention toward any certain word in a sentence. Here we are going to discuss methods of italicizing on different android applications.

How to italicize on WhatsApp?

One of the most widely used messaging apps WhatsApp offers you two ways to italicize your text message. Using different fonts as per situation will help in making text messaging more interactive.

You can use the underscore symbol before, and after any word to change, it’s the font to italics. The given method, as discussed above, is a standard code for an android device to change any word in italics.

How to Italicize on Android
How to Italicize on Android

You can also type any word and hold it before sending it. Holding the word will cause an icon comprises three vertical dots to arrive; it will avail many options after clicking on that option. Font changing is one of them, select italics, and your word will be italicized.

How to italicize on Google Docs?

Google Docs is an application where you can edit or create any document. You can create and convert any document in PDF and word format. It’s a writing app, that’s why it’s necessary to provide the option to italicize.

How to Italicize on Android
How to Italicize on Android

In Google Docs, you can easily convert any word in italics, by simply clicking on the icon before typing. For changing any word to italic, which is already written, you will require to select that word. After selecting that word, you have to click on the italic option. Italicizing any word on Google Docs is more comfortable because there is an icon already given on the screen.

How to italicize on Gmail?

While writing any mail on Gmail using any standard keyword. You will get a header consist of many icons. Out of those icons, you will find an icon represented by capital A underlined below.

How to Italicize on Android
How to Italicize on Android

After clicking on that icon, you can avail of many features for text like text color, size, and font. From the font, you can change any text to italics.


The main method for Italicizing on android is to use underscore before and afterward. But you can also italicize by using different ways in different apps like WhatsApp, Docs, and Gmail.