How To Get Rid Of Facebook Slow Loading On Android

Can you not load Newsfeed on Facebook? Images and videos on Facebook take too much time to load? Or even you cannot send messages on this app? Many reasons are attributed to the slow loading on Facebook. As Facebook users or Facebookaholics, you must be sick and tired of Facebook slow loading on Android! However, don’t worry because Milagromobilemarketing will give you a wide range of ways to fix it now.

Why Facebook loads slowly on Android?

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Facebook is one of the most massive applications. Therefore, when you use Facebook, your phone has to spend a large amount of processor to handle this app. Furthermore, if your device has medium or low configuration, you will encounter processor overload. This will result in Facebook loading slowly: cannot view messages, comments, or newsfeeds. Maybe, when the phone was new, this problem did not show up. Still, after a long period of time using, when the applications on the phone increased, this error would happen recently, especially on Android.

A slow network is also the cause of Facebook slow loading on Android. This will affect not only Facebook but also other apps. Therefore, before you try using these solutions listed below, please check your 3G and Wifi.

Tips to make your Facebook load faster!

The easiest way that you should try first is to restart Facebook. To do this, you press the Recent App button ( next to the Home button on the navigation bar).

If you have a low-configuration Android phone, the bad news is that it cannot handle the usual version of Facebook. So, the advice for you is that you should uninstall that version and download Facebook Lite. This version is much lighter than the normal one.

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The second way to make Facebook run faster is to remove unnecessary software as well as applications in your Android phone. This move is very simple to follow. Go to Settings and choose Apps. After that, you will see the list of applications on your phone. If you want to delete any apps, click it and then select Uninstall. Wait for a while because your phone will automatically remove it.

Another solution you should concern is turning off the applications running in the background. Usually, after using apps on your phone, you logged out. However, many of them have not shut down entirely and still taken up part of the processor. Therefore, the processor has to handle all of them at the same time, which can lead to Facebook slow loading. So, to turn off underground applications, go to Settings, choose Apps/ Applications → Running Applications and click Force Stop. And then, Facebook will load faster.

Force stop

However, if you find stopping applications that run in the background is complicated, switch off and restart your phone. Then, those apps will be stopped running automatically. 

There are four common and simple ways that you should try when it comes to Facebook slow running. If they still don’t work, maybe Facebook itself has software malfunction. In this case, all you need to do is waiting!

Final Thoughts

There are reasons why Facebook slow loading on Android and ways to address this error. Milagromobilemarketing hopes that they can work for you effectively. 

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