[SOLVED] Samsung/Android Could Not Do Normal Boot

When you reboot your Android device, you may encounter some problems like the device cannot boot into the main interface or the system freezes in the boot animation. These issues can happen because of the conflict of software between hardware (RAM, ROOM, CPU). Luckily, the android could not do a normal boot is a common error, so milagromobilemarketing can show you how to fix it quickly.

Fixing android could not do normal boot

Reinsert the battery

This is a simple trick that most people know, but it doesn’t mean everyone knows how to do it properly.  

Remove battery

Commonly, reinsert the battery immediately when they remove it out of the device. It’s a bad thing that you should not do the same. 

You have better to take the battery out for at least 30 seconds, making sure that the excess voltage is entirely exhausted. Next, insert the battery and turn the power.

Check the battery and the main power

Long-term use and improper charging will cause the battery to deteriorate quickly. 

You should also pay attention to whether the battery has worn-out or not. The easiest way to recognize a worn-out battery is that the battery’s surface will be swollen.

Or you can run a little test; you charge just barely enough power for the battery, then you also hold the power key for a bit, about 10 seconds. If your device still does not boot normally, then something must be wrong with the battery or the power system. 

Also, if you ever see your battery deflated as the illustration below, then without having to do anything else, you should know that it is one hell of a worn-out battery and need to be replaced.

A worn-out phone battery

Restore original settings for the device

Another reason affecting your booting process is the conflict of the applications/services. 

For this situation, your Android device would be stuck on the boot animation. You will see the manufacturer’s logo like a normal boot, but then it will shut down suddenly and repeat indefinitely

Now it’s the worst-case as you have to do the “Factory reset” to solve the problem. And this solution deletes all the memories and restores the device to the default setting. 

To enter Recovery Mode for Factory reset, you have to press and hold down certain buttons simultaneously. Each brand will have different key combinations:

  • For Samsung phones, press and hold the volume up, the home page, and power button. For Android devices of other brands, the volume up and power button only (Experiment with the three buttons!) 
  • Then you will see the menu of Recovery mode, containing some options such as wipe cache, wipe data/factory reset, reboot, etc.
  • In the Recovery Mode display, you will use the volume keys to move up and down, the power key to select. In this section, you will choose the wipe data/factory reset> press power.
  • Select YES to erase all data, meaning your device will return to the original state of the manufacturer.

Factory reset option on Recovery mode

If you have done all of these steps, but the problem still comes back, then there must be the hardware problems or the ROM error. You have to take your Android devices to the store; they can help you find out the Hardware issue or flushing the ROM. 

Wrapping up

Milagromobilemarketing has shown all the simple tricks to solve android could not do normal boot; hopefully, the problem isn’t so severe that the above solutions couldn’t help.

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