[SOLVED] Triangle with Exclamation Point Android

If you just reboot your phone, then there is a white triangle with exclamation point Android showing on your device, don’t worry. That’s not a bug, most likely that is the device trying to tell you it is in recovery mode. 


To enter the recovery mode, it is usually accessed from the bootloader menu. However, there are instances where the phone automatically does so without your knowledge. Milagromobilemarketing would like to provide a possible explanation for this occurrence as well as how to fix.

What’s happening and how to fix it

You have bricked your device 

In most cases, the Android device will automatically enter recovery mode when there is something seriously wrong with its core software. 

It usually happens when you have rooted your phone incorrectly or done something that severely damages the mobile software integrity. 

That would basically render your mobile device unusable as the software could no longer properly instruct the hardware on how to react. That’s the reason why the mobile enters recovery mode on its own trying to fix the issue (or hope to alert the user to fix the problem).

How to exit recovery mode

white triangle with exclamation point android

Just a quick note before the instruction to exit recovery mode, as mentioned above, if the reason for the white triangle with exclamation point Android is because you bricked your phone, there is nothing you can do but to get a new one. 

However, on the off chance that it was not caused by anything like we mentioned above, here is what you can do to exit recovery mode. 

Battery reset

white triangle with exclamation point android

If your device has a removable battery, then take it out, wait for a few minutes to partially exhaust the battery. If you have the time to spare, wait for a day or two to completely drain it before putting it back in. 

Switch on the phone again after you have inserted the battery to see if the problem still persists. If it does, please do the following to remove Android white triangle mark with exclamation

Reboot system

Power off your phone and turn it back on again. Press and hold the following three buttons: Power button, volume up, and home button to access the bootloader menu. 

Navigate the menu using the volume up and down buttons, and use the power button to select. There should be an option to reboot the system at the top. Select that command, and it would usually cause the device to exit recovery mode. 

Factory reset/wipe data

white triangle with exclamation point android

This is the last resort for DIY attempts before bringing it to the store. Follow the same steps above to enter the bootloader menu. Then, navigate to the factory reset, wipe data or other similarly named option to return the device to its default state. 

Doing so will completely wipe off any data currently existing in your phone that doesn’t belong to the system except the core software. Hence, if you really have bricked your phone, even this option wouldn’t help. 

Bottom line 

When you see a white triangle with exclamation point Android, it is pretty much time to bring your phone to the respective tech-support team. They will flash the phone for you to see if it would work.

Otherwise, we guarantee that they will give you a replacement without further question. There is nothing else they or you can do unless you have a friend who just happens to be a mobile programming expert.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more Android tips and tricks from our website.