[SOLVED] Error 0033 ESPN app not working Android TV

If you come across “Error 0033 ESPN app not working Android TV, there must have been a spike in viewership that overloads the service. To address the error, you should reboot the WatchESPN, restart your Android phone, reset your router and so on. In the case that the issue persists, change from Wi-Fi to LTE. Spare a bit of your time to check out this article and get the most out of ESPN.

Fix WatchESPN problems on Android
Fix WatchESPN problems on Android

What is the WatchESPN app on Android?

WatchESPN app on Android allows users to catch up with their sports whenever, wherever on their Android device. Through WatchESPN app, you can view live games and studio play with 24/7 from ESPN networks such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, and Longhorn Network. You can also view on-demand videos of the latest news and highlights and approach to live streaming video from the aforementioned networks.

WatchESPN app for watching sports events
WatchESPN app for watching sports events

Not just a pure cord-cutting app, WatchESPN app demands that you have a cable or satellite subscription. That means the main cable and satellite providers, for instance, AT&T U-verse, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Cox, DirecTV, DISH, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS are available. Obviously, getting access to on-demand highlights and news is supported to everyone without regard to the provider. The WatchESPN app provides live streaming access to dozens of games and sports events on the ESPN networks, consisting of NFL Monday Night Football, NBA Regular Season and Playoff games, Major League Baseball and more. For sports lovers, WatchESPN is a must-have app on their devices.

How to fix WatchESPN problems on Android

 Although WatchESPN app is not down for prolonged periods often, huge spikes in viewership can affect the service offline owing to a large number of users all tune in for the beginning of a sports event and burden the system. Here are the most prevalent problems with the WatchESPN app on Android and some effectively quick fixes.

Way to solve WatchESPN skipping, buffering and freezing

It is reported by WatchESPN users that the biggest hurdle on WatchESPN app is the video skips, buffers or freezes when they are watching the game videos. Here is the troubleshooting to fix these issues.

  • Reboot the WatchESPN App
  • Turn on and off your Android phone power
  • Move to another Android device
  • Change from WiFi to LTE
  • Reset your Router

In most cases, one of these fixes will handle the WatchESPN buffering completely. Some users report that when they cannot reliably stream WatchESPN without skipping on the Amazon Fire Stick, they can stream it smoothly on Xbox One, so if at all possible, try on another device.

Sports events on WatchESPN app on Android
Sports events on WatchESPN app on Android

Way to solve WatchESPN login issues

Another widespread problem is not being able to sign in WatchESPN. If this occurs, you had better reset the app, ensure your device is running on the latest version and then try to login again.

In addition, you are advised to be certain that you are using the precise username and password for your streaming service or cable company. If you use your parents or a friend username to log in, you should ask them carefully if they have updated the password.

Way to solve WatchESPN app crashes

If the WatchESPN app on your Android device is crashing frequently you should apply these methods below. These can address most crash issues within a few minutes.

  • Try to turn off the app on your device and open again the app to see if the problem is solved.
  •  Update the WatchESPN app.
  • Reinstall WatchESPN app on your Android device.
WatchESPN app over Xbox
WatchESPN app over Xbox

Way to solve WatchESPN error 0033

According to WatchESPN users, WatchESPN error 0033 is a common problem that users run into when using the app. This error occurs often if there is an adjustment in your package or someone modify around options with your cable provider. It is also an obstacle that may occur if you are running the app WatchESPN on a WiFi network out of state from where the bills are addressed. Changing from WiFi to LTE lets users begin streaming WatchESPN again without any difficulty.

Way to solve WatchESPN error 0066

If the system is facing with WatchESPN Error 0066, you can tackle this very quickly if you know your correct password. You go to the provider part of the app and log out. Later, you can log in again. Check again if the problem is solved.


If this tutorial is helpful for you when solving WatchESPN troubles on Android, leave comments below to let us know. 

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