How to Fix Dish Anywhere Not Working on Android.

Dish Anywhere Not Working Android” and “ Dish Anywhere crashing Android” are amongst the most commonly searched phrases on Google nowadays about Dish Anywhere app. We know that Android is an excellent and popular OS with users, it allows us to download, install and run various applications, from the Google play store, and other unknown sources. Also, Dish Anywhere is an app that works very well on the Android platform. However, we often find users complaining about the Dish Anywhere crashing problem. So, read this article to know more about Dish Anywhere, and learn practical solutions to fix Dish Anywhere Not Working on Android issue.

What is Dish Anywhere App?

Dish Anywhere App on Android

Dish Anywhere is a great app for your iPhone, Android phone, Kindle, iPad, computer, and TV that is developed by DISH Network. With Dish Anywhere, you can take your TV with you. In other words, this software allows you to watch tons of movies, TV shows instantly, on any TV channel that you want. Indeed, now you can watch your favorite shows, whether you are traveling the world, commuting to work, or relaxing at home. Moreover, you are able to manage your home TV with a full-featured DVR manager and a searchable program guide. Therefore, this is a must-have app for DISH Subscribers.

Why Dish Anywhere App Not Working on Android?

What will you do if Dish Anywhere keeps stoping on your Android devices? You shouldn’t move on to solutions immediately. Rather, pay some attention to the real reasons behind this issue, at first.

It is very irritating when you are using your Dish Anywhere App and it suddenly stops or hangs and you are directed back to the Home Screen. Here are the main reasons for this situation:

Dish Anywhere Apps crashing on Android

  • Firstly,  perhaps because you just update your device software but not download Dish Anywhere App updates from the Play Store.
  • Or, due to the poor network. In fact, when your WiFi or cellular data is slow or unstable, this app also tends to malfunction. Apps will work well if you have a good network.
  •  Also, the lack of storage space on your device is another reason for Dish Anywhere Apps crashing on Android.
  • And, this case can occur if you overload your device’s internal memory with heavy Apps, games, photos, movies, videos, etc. This can fill up your internal memory as well as corrupt the device’s cache partition and Apps cache.

Now, we are aware of ‘what is Dish Anywhere‘, and the reasons why ‘Dish Anywhere Not Working on Android‘. Now, you can easily understand the solutions we talk about below, so keep reading to get them.

How to solve Dish Anywhere Not Working on Android error

Fix 1. Restart Your Android Device

Restart Your Android Device

Restarting a phone to fix app crashing error does not sound convincing enough, but, it has helped a lot of users to solve many similar types of Android software issues. Therefore, you can try to restart your device when your Dish Anywhere app has stopped. Just press and hold the power button and tap the Restart option, and wait for your phone reboot itself.

Fix 2. Reinstall the Dish Anywhere App 

In the case, you have downloaded the improper app, this can cause Android Apps Stopping problem. So, all you need to do is to reinstall the app to fix this issue.

To do this, head to Settings > Apps or Application manager > Choose Dish Anywhere App  > Tap on Uninstall option to make it. Once done, you visit the Google Play Store to reinstall the app.

Fix 3. Delete all App Data and Cache

clear all App Data and Cache

This method will resolve the Dish Anywhere App crashing issue by wiping off unnecessary App data stored on your device. First, go to Settings > Apps/Application manager > then select Dish Anywhere App > choose Clear data and Clear cache option.

The bottom line

To conclude, if your Dish Anywhere Not Working on Android, don’t give up. You can follow these methods above, they will definitely help you. If you like this page, please share it to help more people. And visit to read more other useful blogs.


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