[SOLVED] Dead Android with Red Triangle

 Your device just crashed and now you are frantically looking for info on how to fix dead Android with red triangle

Of course, you will be baffled if it is the first time you encounter an error reek of ominous feeling like that. The “turn your phone off and on” drill might not work this time (Personally we don’t think it will at all).

In this article, milagromobilemarketing will show you solutions that are more likely to work.

System update

Do you remember seeing your Android devices asking you to update but then you go like “whatever” and carry on something else? The notification to update systems you have ignored thus far might contain one that is actually important.

Critical enough that, without it, your phone will crash constantly and terrify you with the Android dying photo. So the first and foremost thing you should do is to update your system. 

The update patches are usually there to fix small bugs that slow down your device a bit, to things that could potentially destroy your phone.

The symbol error causes some annoying when you are using your device

Other solutions you can try

If updating the system does not do the trick, then perhaps it has something to do with apps installation or whatever it is you have done to your phone.

Removing the battery

If the issue was with a conflict between your installed software and hardware, a battery reset will normally do the trick. Turn off your phone and remove the battery for at least a minute. 

Put the battery back in and reboot the device. It should be able to flush out any authority conflict between software and hardware.

Clearing cache on your Android

Most smart devices these days would store browser data for later use. By doing so, accessing the same website (or something else) later on would be much faster. However, for each batch of data stored but not deleted like so, your device has to carry more storage burden. Naturally, when it is too much to bear, it might crash. So, the solution? Wipe the cache and below is how:

Step 1: Turn your phone off and back on. When you see the standard start-up animation (or as it is about to pop up), press the volume up, power and home button to access recovery menu.

Step 2: Use the volume up and down buttons to navigate in the menu and the power button to select wipe cache.

recovery mode

Worst case scenario, if wiping cache data doesn’t help, you might want to perform and factory reset. Remember to backup all your important data though as you are about to lose them.


Last but not least, damaged or worn out hardware is another possible and also most common cause. A factory reset is like a Genesis flood from God, everything is wiped and restored to the previous working state. 

The only thing it cannot fix is a set of hardware that doesn’t work anymore. So you are due for an upgrade, unfortunately.


You now know how to fix dead Android with red triangle, show-off your new-found knowledge to your friends and wow them! 

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