[SOLVED] “Connecting to Spotify” notification?

All Android users and IOS users are accessible to Spotify now. However, to some Android users, one common error has happened interrupting the user’s experience. The notification bar keeps showing “Connecting to Spotify” and it won’t go away. Down here at this article, we will instruct you on how to fix “Connecting to Spotify” notification error.

What is Spotify? 

Spotify is a digital music streaming platform that allows users to listen to million songs provided that there is an internet connection. You are permitted to pick and skip the songs about 5 times then Spotify will analyze your music interest and recommend you to listen to their picked song. Around the world, people are obsessed with this AI feature of Spotify.

connecting to spotify notification

There are two versions of Spotify. The first one is free of charge and you can listen as much as you want and you will have 5 skips per hour. Second requires small payment, you will be able to skip as much as you want and sort out your music list on your own. 

Can I download songs from Spotify?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You can only be able to listen to music online which means through the Internet connection. Premium Spotify does the same, you can do anything except for downloading the song from Spotify.

Since Spotify at first is a free music platform, they count their profit based on the streaming number of listeners. If you want to download a song or listen to it offline, probably you will need to pay for an artist’s album on another platform like iTunes.

connecting to spotify notification
Connecting to Spotify notification

Where to download Spotify?

You can download via Google Play if you’re Android users or App Store if you’re IOS users. They both provide Spotify installation and they are all free.

Fix “Connecting to Spotify” notification

This fault happens due to the error from developers so, in other words, there is nothing else you can do except for updating the latest version, they have combined the fix. Clear the data and a clean reinstall. Spotify is trying best to improve this even though some users say their device still appears permanent “Connecting to Spotify” notification.

You can try the above methods and if it doesn’t work, go for Spotify Support Centre and ask them to assist you. Spotify is developed throughout the world with many languages, therefore there will be no problem for you in approaching them.

Wrap Up

We hope our article at least solves your problem or provides you with some helpful information. For further, please contact us.