[SOLVED] Android is Starting Optimizing App Loop

A couple of years ago, Android device users suddenly encountered difficulty in rebooting their devices. In particular, it was known as the infinite Android is starting optimizing app loop and the device could never be successfully booted. 

Android is starting optimizing app loop

After several update patches, the issue went away just to re-surfaced recently. Hence, Milagromobilemarketing thinks it is about time we write an article on possible fixes for this issue. 

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

What to do with the error 

Factory reset 

If you don’t really have anything in the phone that is worth saving and re-installing your apps doesn’t seem to be too much of a pain, then just wipe everything. 

To perform a factory reset, aka data wipe, you need to access the recovery menu first. To access it, reboot your phone. Then before the start-up animation pops up, simultaneously press and hold the power, volume up and home buttons. 

Please note that different Android devices would have their own way to access the menu. Some Samsung Galaxy devices even allow you to access the menu from the settings. 

However, this is generally how you get to it for the Android system. You could try different combinations between the three buttons and sooner or later you will figure it out. 

Anyway, after you access the menu, navigate using the volume up and down buttons and choose an action with the power button. Select wipe data, factory reset or however it is called in your specific device. That should fix the issue easily. 

Factory reset

Though, if you can’t be bothered or, for some reason, cannot back up your important, the following fixes might work and would not wipe your data. 

Reboot without SD card 

By the way, if you have already turned on the device and it is now in the loop, there is no need to wait for the device to run out of juice. Take the battery out and turn on the phone again. However, before doing so, take the SD card out. 

The reason for doing so is that, hopefully, if the root cause is with an app that has been installed to SD card, rebooting the device without an SD card would prompt the device to skip optimizing it. 

If that works, after successfully booting into the interface, you should delete whatever apps you just installed briefly before the error to get rid of the issue. 

Reboot without SD card

Safe mode

Another way to figure out if it has something to do with an installed app is to reboot the phone in safe mode, the option is also in the recovery mode. If the phone can reboot in safe mode, then it is highly likely due to an app you installed.

If so please also try the fix below.

Wipe cached data

Perhaps it has something to do with the cached data from an installed app. Cached data is the history of your previous entry when you access an app recorded in the form of scripts, texts and so on. 

As such, wiping the cache partition data might fix it. The option to perform is also in the recovery menu.  

Wrapping up 

Android is starting optimizing app loop is not a big issue and it rarely happens these days. Though it will pop up once in a while and the reason for it varies greatly between devices.

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