[SOLVED] Android Home Screen Keeps Changing

Although Android, one of the biggest smartphone platforms all over the world, has a lot of user-friendly and customizable features, it’s hard to avoid some errors. Android home screen keeps resetting is one of the common issues due to the heavy launcher.

In this article, milagromobilemarketing will provide you with four workable solutions to fix the issue. Let’s determine your cause and pick up one.

How to recognize this issue?

  • When you leave a particular app, the Android home screen will disappear and load again in a while. 
  • Sometimes, the Android home screen occurs the stopping error on the stock Android launchers continuously.
  • In particular, this error quickly occurs with a low-RAM device.

How to fix Android home screen keeps Changing

Although this issue is not severe, it is very uncomfortable to wait for the appearance of the home screen. Even when leaving or switching app to app, you must wait for a while. Thus, let’s fix it immediately as follows:

Method 1: Clear RAM

Clear RAM

Clear RAM

Let’s think:

Do you get this issue when trying to minimize apps?

If yes, the launcher might not have enough RAM.

Though most Android devices can multitask, when you store many files in the background, they eat up a lot of RAM.

Thus, what you need to do is to clear some RAM. Please close some unessential apps and avoid running apps in the background.

Method 2: Clear Launcher cache and data

Clear launcher cache and data

Clear Launcher cache and data

In fact, cache and app data on the launcher app also take a large space of your device storage. The problem is getting more serious if you use a different launcher than the default launcher.

Here is the solution:

Try to clear the cache and data for the launcher in a few steps as follows:

Step 1: Choose Settings

Step 2: Tap Application Manager

Step 3: Tap the launcher

Step 4: Clear Data and clear cache

Method 3: Use another different launcher

Some manufacturers will add their launcher as the default launcher of the device. So, it causes the Android home screen keeps resetting.

Although it’s impossible to uninstall the default launcher, you can fix this error by installing a new launcher from Google Play Store.

Method 4: Factory data reset

Factory data reset

 Factory data reset

In case, all methods above are useless, you should try to factory data reset. Though this way will delete all apps including apps data and settings, it won’t remove the media files such as images and the like.

How to backup Android data to computer quickly

While fixing, your Android data can be lost due to Internet disconnection.

But don’t worry:

AnyTrans can help you back up all data to your computer in a few steps. You can transfer all of them to your computer at the same time or transfer in a selective method. Let’s follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1: Download AnyTrans and install AnyTrans on your PC, then connect your Android

Step 2: Scroll down to go to the category

Step 3: Click on Content to your PC and check the categories

Step 4: Click the export path and tap Right Arrow

Now, it’s your turn!

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