[SOLVED] Android Auto Samsung S7 Not Working

If you notice Android auto Samsung Galaxy S7 not working, location is the likely cause and you should determine whether your country is among the countries where Android Auto is supported. Visit the official Android Auto website to check the list of countries. In addition to that, ensure that your smartphone is running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher and you must grant Android Auto app the permission to run in your Samsung S7. Last but not least, see if the Bluetooth or USB connection is stable. 

Troubleshooting Android Auto not working with S7

Android Auto fails to work with S7 due to location restriction.

This is a must-do practice since Android Auto is only supported in thirty-one countries around the globe. If you are in a country that the system is not available, it is definitely the culprit of the inactivity of Android Auto on Samsung s7. You can head to the official website of Android Auto for the up- to- date country list.

android auto not working with s7

Android Auto can not work due to phone compatibility.

If you meet the above location criteria, and still, you can not open Android Auto on your S7, you had better check whether your phone is compatible with the app version or not. The basic requirement for your Android phone to work with Android Auto is that its operating system must be Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

In your Samsung Galaxy S7, you head to Settings >About device > Software info and then you check what version you are running. If your S7 doesn’t run Android 5.0 or up, you need to manually check if the update to a higher Android version is available. Then you go back Settings > About device > Download updates manually

Android Auto fails to run on S7 due to permissions.

When S7 is running with Android 5.0 or higher, you stand a higher level of security protection, which means in some cases, the app needs to have your permission to smoothly run on the mobile phone. Hence, in your Samsung device, you need to review the Safety Information and Android Auto permissions to access your app by entering Settings> Apps and looking for Android Auto. Then, you go to Permissions to check and turn on notifications for Android Auto.

android auto not working with s7

Android Auto does not work on S7 due to technical issues.

If you have met all those criteria and seen no improvement on your S7, it is likely that some technical issues are the deterrents to your app’s performance. Check out some common ones:

  • If your S7 fails to run Android Auto, you should check the Blue connection between your device and your car. Turn on the mode.
  • Another technical issue is that the USB cable which connects your car to your S7 is loosened or cracked.
  • After installing a new Android Auto and thoroughly check all the above conditions, you might need to restart your S7, clear all your previous app’s data and the head unit of your car to establish the connection. Go to Android Auto in your Settings, head to Storage, which contains all the app’s data and  then you click on Clear Data 

android auto not working with s7

The bottom line

In conclusion, those below pieces of information are the common causes of and the resolutions in consistence with each reason to Android Auto not working with s7, aiming to bring the performance of Android Auto on Samsung Galaxy S7 back to its normal routine. We hope that you can get rid of all the inconvenience with our instruction. Cheers!

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