[SOLVED] A network change was detected Android. ERR_NETWORK_ CHANGE”

Have you ever occasionally been facing various annoying hassles while surfing the website on the internet? Have you ever seen the connection error symptom like “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGE” displaying on your usual web browser, typically on the Google Chrome browser? This tech issue also appears with different names as “Unable to access the network” if you’re using other web browsers, which leads to disrupt internet access, current data flow within the browser and often ruins productivity. You’ve attempted to reload the website windows several times but end up being a dead duck. There’s nothing to worry about. In this article, you can apply several easy methods and learn how to quickly handle the connection problem “A network change was detected android”. With our clear guidance in hand, I firmly believe that you could breathe a sigh of relief whenever ERR NETWORK CHANGED error turns up.

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A network change was detected android
“A network change was detected” error

What is “your connection was interrupted” error

For those who regularly encounter this error message but can’t figure out what it actually is, “Your connection was interrupted” or “A network change was detected” is a notification message that occurs while you’re running the Windows version of the Google Chrome browser. Basically, the bug displays when you navigate the internet connection from one network to another, meanwhile, the web page is being viewed or loaded. There’re numerous possible reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of Error 21, namely malware infection from third-party extensions, obsolete drives, proxy server settings or flush DNS settings.

Analogous connection failed errors 

  1. Error 21 (net: ERR NETWORK CHANGED): A network was detected on Google Chrome. If you encounter this error, it probably lies in corrupt Google Chrome.
  2. A network was detected on older versions of Windows such Windows 7 and 8.
  3. A network was detected owning to malware attacks. If this error message happens, make sure to scan and remove all potential malicious files on your device.
  4. Your connection was interrupted a network change was detected. This disconnect issue hinders smooth internet browsing due to incorrect DNS settings.

How to fix “A network change was detected” error

When it comes to getting rid of a network connectivity issue, it turns out to be fairly straightforward to resolve once you endeavor a list of following workarounds.

Method 1: Restart and update Google Chrome

The quickest and easiest way that almost everyone tends to do whenever they suddenly confront a technical problem is refreshing the web browser itself. All you need to do is simply click the cross mark in the top-right corner of your screen to close current windows and reopen it. One more handy tip that you can apply before shutting off Google Chrome or any other browsers is to bookmark the err webpage for better re-download.

A network change was detected android
Close Google Chrome windows

Method 2: Reboot your router and modem

Another effective tip to fix the bugs is to take a look at some LED status indicators and then restart the router and modem. It’s possible that the incorrect computer or modem configuration results in no internet connection error. To do this, manually press the power button or unplug each device to turn it off and wait for a few minutes to power it on again.

A network change was detected android
Reset Router and Modem

Method 3: Adjust LAN settings and remove the proxy

In case you’re using a network proxy, then cleaning it up can possibly refresh your internet connection and troubleshoot existing bugs and glitches. Simply follow these steps below:

  1. Open Control Panel> click on Network and Internet> choose Internet options.
  2. Then appear a popup window named Internet properties.
  3. Select Connections tab> Tap on LAN settings.
  4. From the Local Area Network (LAN) settings window, tick Automatically detect settings and uncheck the option “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.
  5. Hit the “OK” button to complete the change. Next, restart your computer.

    A network change was detected android
    Change LAN settings

Method 4: Switch in Incognito Mode

Some extensions sometimes could be the reason behind “your connection was interrupted” error message. If you continue to get the bug, browsing webs in incognito mode is one of the most frequently recommended resolutions. Once you open Google Chrome in the Incognito tab, observe whether “the err network changed” issue continuously occurs or not. If the internet connection still works flawlessly in Private Mode, now you can disable all extensions. Then back to the normal mode, enable one by one extension prior to searching on internet web browser to figure out and remove the potential culprit.

A network change was detected android
Switch in Incognito Mode

Method 5: Clear all your web browsing data

If a window reload doesn’t work, you can choose another ideal option which is to clear up your web browsing data. The simple procedure is reported to be applied by a large number of users and it does work successfully to fix lots of internet browser errors. Here is the guidance:

  1. Go to the Menu icon in the top-right corner> select Settings.
  2. Tap Advanced> Choose Privacy section, then click on Clear browsing data.
  3. Change Time range to All time>Tick all the options, next click Clear Data button.

    A network change was detected android
    Clear browsing data

Method 6: Flush the DNS settings

Last but not least, try flushing the system’s DNS settings by using flushdns command. You can replace Command Prompt with Windows PowerShell in the menu when right-clicking the start button or press Windows key + X. When the Command Prompt (Admin) window appears, now copy config/flushdns to your clipboard and press Enter. Once the process is completed, close the Command Prompt and check the problem again.

A network change was detected android
Flush the DNS settings

The bottom line

In this article, we provide you a detailed illustration of how to fix “A network change was detected” problem. The resolution of the err network changed error might vary a bit, so stay tuned for the upcoming guides with tons of useful tips & tricks from our website.