[SOLVED] How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube

Youtube which is the forerunner in the world of video streaming has 3 unique video features; they are private, unlisted and scheduled videos. Our major purpose in this article is to introduce youtube users to what unlisted videos are and how to find unlisted videos on youtube. We all know that “Public” is the default settings for all Youtube videos; this means anyone can search the video, view the video and even share the video.

How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube

Categories of Youtube Videos

  • Private Videos

Private videos are videos refer to one of the more interesting options provided by youtube, In this option, these videos can only be viewed by people whom the uploader invites. The uploader can only invite a maximum of 50 people to view the video and these invited persons must have an active Google account. This category of videos won’t appear in the uploaders’ search results or in the uploaders youtube channel and also subscribers to the uploaders channel will not receive notifications when a private video is uploaded.

  • Unlisted Videos

Not forgetting the main topic for the day which is unlisted videos and how to find them. The Unlisted videos option lies between the public and private experience. Unlisted Youtube videos can be easily identified by the unlocked padlock icon which is located at the left of the video title. This category gives the option of being able to be seen and shared by anyone who has the video link. Also, those who do not have a Google account will be able to have access to the video as long as they have the link. Unlisted videos will however not come up in search results, the uploaders youtube channel, a subscribers feed, but anyone who has access to the link will have instant access to such a video.

Reasons why users Unlist Videos on Youtube

  1. Celebrities with official accounts might unlist specific videos in order to give subscribers the first view of a new video.
  2. Some youtube users may also unlist videos simply because they think very few people will be interested in viewing the video.

Steps in Locating Unlisted Youtube Videos 

The following steps the problem of finding your unlisted videos on Youtube

Most users find it tricky finding their unlisted videos on their Youtube channel; this tutorial shows you how to do this without the need to commit every unlisted video link to memory

  • Sign in your Google account

    sign in google account
    Sign in Google account
  • Move to you Youtube studios; select your Youtube channel icon, this is located at the upper-right corner of your screen, a drop-down menu will appear, click on “Youtube studios

    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
  • Move to your Youtube dashboard and select “Videos”, from the menu that will appear on the left side of the screen select the option that says “Videos”. A page will appear, on the page all of your videos will be shown and this page is the Youtube Videos Manager. From the Visibility Column, you will be able to access all your videos and view which is set to public, private or unlisted. It is, however, important to note that not all types of videos can be unlisted on Youtube.
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube

    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube
    How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube


Conclusively, we hope all questions you might have on how to find unlisted youtube videos have been answered if you have any further questions that require further information please comment below.