Finding a site to download APKs is a piece of cake. Installing an APK is also a piece of cake. But choosing the right APK for your device can be a piece of trouble since many developers purposely establish their application by many different variants. In this article, we briefly introduce you about APK variants, and how to find a proper variant for APK download for your device.


To mention again, many developers release their application in many separate versions – which we can call them “variants”. Their purpose in doing this might relate to their strategy of commercializing their products. For example, a company publishes a demo version of a game first, thereby encouraging users to purchase the full version. Besides, ensuring the application’s compatibility with devices is also a concern. All smartphone is factory released with a unique set of specifications, so to make sure the application can run properly on all devices, developers might have to create different APK variants of the app.


Before choosing an APK variant, you have to explore your device’s specifications first, and then continue to look for the APK variant you need. You also need an application specialized for checking device information, and here we recommend AIDA64 for this action.


After installed AIDA64, you might use this app to get to know this information: 

  • Architecture: From the main menu, tap the CPU section. The line “Instruction Set” shows your device’s built architecture

    how to find a proper variant for APK download
  • DPI: Go to Display and then look at the “Pixel Density” line.

    how to find a proper variant for APK download
    Screen DPI
  • Android Version: Check your Android version in Android > Android Version section.

    how to find a proper variant for APK download
    Android version


Alright then, you now have the information required for choosing APK variants, it’s already halfway there. Now pay attention to these three details once again and base on it to know which APK variant suits your device.


Upon checking your device’s architecture, you might receive some pieces of information such as “32-bit armv7-A”, “64-bit armv8-A” or “x86”, etc. So, what you should keep in mind here is each architecture sticks with a list of supported ABI – the exact information you rely on to choose a variant.

This is the list of supported ABIs for each popular device’s architecture(64-bit ARM, 32-bit ARM, and x86):

  • 64-bit ARM: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi
  • 32-bit ARM: armeabi-v7a, armeabi
  • x86: x86

The exact list of supported ABIs is also displayed in the CPU tab in AIDA64.

how to find a proper variant for APK download
Supported ABIs

Next, choose a variant with the ABI in the list of supported ABIs on your device. A specific example will include in the last part of this example.


In terms of DPI, there are only two key points that you should remember:

  • If the variant shows “nodpi” in the description, it can be installed on any device regardless of this standard.
  • If the variant requires a specific dpi number, make sure that your device has an equal or higher DPI number than that of the variant’s requirement.

Android version

Each variant requires a minimum Android version, so your device must operate on at least this OS version. Of course, it is still acceptable if the version your device base on is higher than the minimum requirements.


Suppose that you own a device which bases on 64-bit ARM architecture, 441 dpi, and Android 9.0

Let’s take a look at 3 APK variants of Pinterest provided by ApktoVi, and see which one can be installed on your device.


how to find a proper variant for APK download
How to find a proper variant for APK download

The first variant, as you can see, cannot be installed. Because the x86 ABI is not in the supported list, it is not compatible with your device even when the two other requirements (DPI and Android Version) are met.

#2 & #3

how to find a proper variant for APK download
How to find a proper variant for APK download
how to find a proper variant for APK download
How to find a proper variant for APK download

The second and third one has the same DPI and Android version requirement and only differs in the ABI (arm64-v8a and armeabi-v7a). These two can be installed on your device since they meet all three requirements, as demonstrated in the picture above.


That is a quick instruction on how you can choose the right APK variant for your device. Please leave a comment below if you have any further questions.