How to find a proper variant for APK download within a second

Finding proper variant APK Download is essential especially when your device is not up to the latest version. A proper variant will ensure the APK download success and perfectly matched with the device. This article will show you how to find a proper variant for APK download in the fastest and easiest way.

how to find a proper variant for APK download

How to find a proper variant for APK download

What does it mean by Variant APK Download?

Variants are different versions of files that are contributed to an app. Normally, developers aim at creating one version only to make the download more accessible. But not all are succeeded, they may create many versions that are compatible with many users with various devices’ configuration.

When we download an app from Google Play, Google uses “Dynamic Delivery” to automatically sort out the best version for the user’s device. But when we download from third-party sites that provide APK download like ApktoVi, we have to pick the most proper variant for our device manually. Needless to worry,  we will instruct you right now.

How to check the device’s configuration?

The first thing needs to do when sorting out the most proper variant is to check the configuration, more specifically, the information about Architecture, Android version, and DPI. It gets pretty hard for normal users to find out that information but everything will be resolved with AIDA64. 

  • Architecture

You go CPU from the main screen of AIDA64 → instruction set

architechture data


  • DPI

Enter Display. DPI configuration is Pixen Density



  • Android Version

Click Android on AID64’s main screen, read the Android version.

android version

Android version

Find the most proper variant for APK Download?

Thank AID64, we already got enough information to sort out the correct variant. Next and the final step, compare the device’s configuration and the variant provided.

It’s integral to pick the variant which combines the DPI and Android Version equal or lower than your device. To make sure that you will have the best experience, you will need to be cautious about the above factors. About the Architecture of the app, there are 2 versions 32bit and 64 bit. Remember that, 32bit variant could run on both 32bit and 64bit devices. But the 64bit variant is accessible to 64bit devices only.

If there were many variants that offer the same features, go for the latest one in the term of update date, then start your download and enjoy the application.


Hope with the above information, you will be able to find the best variant for APK Download. Leave a comment about your experience and your problem too, we will assist you with our best.

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