[SOLVED] Enable 5 GHZ WIFI On Android in Easy

If you notice that the Wi-Fi connectivity consumes more battery power on your device, or you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi as fast as required, then you might have a bad Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi problems can happen anywhere, from a thick building to long-range connections or simply a bad Wi-Fi signal in the place where you’ve never come.

Here, we will guide you on how to enable 5 GHz Wifi on Android platform and other effective solutions to boost the connection.

how to enable 5ghz wifi on android

Increase your Wi-Fi bandwidth to 5 GHz wireless frequency – The best option


Most Android devices can run on both 2.4 and 5 GHz band. On the higher frequency of 5 GHz, there are plenty of available lots on the spectrum. 

There are 23 non-overlapping channels (each channel is 20 MHz wide) on 5 GHz band while there are more than 14 channels provided on 2.4 GHz. Since the channels do not overlap, you shall have the ability to get better signals on your Wi-Fi.

If your router works on the 5 GHz band (most recent routers work), then we will show you how to turn on 5GHz Wifi on Android:

  • Step 1: Access the Settings section
  • Step 2: Click on Wi-Fi and then Advanced
  • Step 3: Click Wi-Fi Frequency Band and then select Auto.
  • Step 4: Click Configure Mobile Hotspot. This will ensure that your device will automatically run on the highest GHz band when possible.

Accurately monitor Wi-Fi signal

how to enable 5ghz wifi on android

Do you sometimes find yourself wandering around an area or looking for perfect signals, but come up with the Wi-Fi bars just aren’t enough? 

To pin down points with the best Wi-Fi signal in your area, download the Wi-Fi Signal Booster on milagromobilemarketing.com for Android devices, turn off  Manual Boost, then keep your eyes on the red lines as you slowly wander around an area to look for the best signals.

The closer to the red line (the current signal) to the yellow line (the signal is available), the better the signal. Tap Automatic Improvement to get a fast connection and a big boost to your Wi-Fi signal.

Prevent your Android phone from poor connections

how to enable 5ghz wifi on android

In the Android Settings menu, there is an option that programs your phone to avoid poor Wi-Fi connections. It means that while it is scanning for available networks, it will terminate the pre-estimated poor connection. 

This function will save a lot of power and avoid unnecessary failures. Just follow the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  2. Select the More option with 3 dots in a line, and then select Advanced.
  3. Here you will tick the box of Avoid poor connections.

The phone protection case may weaken the signal connection

Many phone cases make the Wi-Fi signal connection worse. Especially, in the case that they are made of metal, which is often used for extra protection or hardening. To see whether your case affects the Wi-Fi connection or not, make an Ookla speed test with the case off.

Then, in the same location, place the case back and execute the test again. If you see a difference when using your case, you may consider case replacements.


In this article, we have answered the question of “how to enable 5 GHz Wifi on Android” as well as offered other optimal solutions to strengthen the Wi-Fi connection for Android users. Let us know in the comments below if you tried one of these solutions. 

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