[SOLVED] Sent Text Messages Not Showing Up Android

Android OS allows users to change its coding, permission management, and there is even the option to root the phone. As a result of enjoying a wide range of freedom like that, you tend to have more glitches too. 

sent text messages not showing up android

Some of those glitches could cause your sent text messages not showing up Android. Milagromobilemarketing would like to show you how to fix it quickly as well as an alternative solution. 

Simple solutions 

Change the date 

Not having the correct date is the most common cause of sent text messages not showing up Android

It could cause the sent text message to jump back to an earlier date, or the system might get confused and doesn’t show the text message either (if the date on your phone is before the date of texting). The same goes for received text messages. 

Thus, change the date of your Android and reboot the phone, the problem should be fixed. However, if your phone is currently set to the correct date, then try the following solutions.

Use another text message app

This is a two-layered solution, so please read on the whole thing before trying or dismissing one another. Then should you decide to go for it, visit our site here for a wide range of spectacular text messaging apps. 

Now that’s done, here is the solution. 

Install, move and delete

After you install a new text messaging app from our site, set it as a default text message, reboot the phone, and try sending text again. If the sent text messages are showing up now, delete the app and switch back to the generic Android (and also boring) text messaging app. 

sent text messages not showing up android

Here is how to set another text app as default in case you didn’t know. Drag down the notification bar and tap on the cog icon to access Settings, or do it how you normally would. Go to Apps & Notifications and press Advanced. That would bring up the options to set Default apps. Click SMS app then choose the alternative texting app you would like to make it as default.

Quick note, different Android devices might have a slightly different way to set apps as default. The pathway and wordings should be similar so just explore around, and you will find them soon enough. Otherwise, simply Google the specific to set an app as a default for your device.

Use the alternative app

What if there are important texts or you simply want to keep the long texting conversation as a treasured memory? 

Simple solution, just continues using the alternative text messaging apps from our site then. They are fun, feature-rich, convenient, and certainly can do so much more the generic Android text apps.

For the recommendation for an alternative text messaging app, Milagromobilemarketing would suggest Textra SMS.

Use the alternative app

The app comes with greatly customizable features, which include text sizes, emoji skin tones, text bubbles, timer to send a message and so many more. 

Have your texts shown up

The above solutions should be able to fix your sent text messages not showing up Android error. If it doesn’t, then the issues with the phone require a closer examination. 

Anyway, please do not forget to check out our site for more Android-related articles and apps. We will see you in the next article