How to Delete Tumblr Account 

Addressing a blog post is just as innocent as sharing a Spotify link or creating a short video on Tumblr, but sometimes circulating beliefs brings difficulty—whiny persons start preaching about everything and anything. It becomes annoying, and you may be considering stepping off the platforms. Deleting Tumblr account is not simplistic, and for whatever reason, you decided to do so, ride along with the instructions on how to delete the Tumblr account.

How to Delete Tumblr Account

How to Delete Tumblr Account

How to delete a Tumblr account

First things first, You cannot delete Tumblr account through the mobile app. Instead, You have to do it through a Web browser, by following these steps below:

  1. Go to in your web browser. This action will open your Tumblr dashboard if you have previously logged in. 
  2. If you did not, click Log In, insert your email, click Next, then enter your password and click Log In.
  3. Then Proceed on the ‘Account’ icon and choose ‘Settings’.

    How to Delete Tumblr Account

    Then Proceed on the ‘Account’ icon and choose ‘Settings’

  4. At the bottom of the page, you can select ‘Delete Account.’

    How to Delete Tumblr Account

    At the bottom of the page, you can select ‘Delete Account.’

  5. You will be addressed to a screen asking if you are sure. Approve by entering your email address and password and click ‘Delete Everything’.

    How to Delete Tumblr Account

    Enter your email address and password and click ‘Delete Everything’.

  6. You will encounter Tumblr’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which sketches how their partners use cookies. If you are happy to continue, click ‘Accept’.

    How to Delete Tumblr Account

    If you are happy to continue, click ‘Accept’.

  7. Your Tumblr account is now deleted, simultaneously all associated blogs and data. 

Disclaimer: Deleting Vs Deactivating

  • In a Tumblr Account, you have your Primary Blog, where you initially Post content, and you Follow other Blogs
  • After you set everything up in the Primary Blog, you even have the option of setting up a Secondary Blog, which you can exclusively make for private memberships groups, restricting who you share information with. 
  • But remember everything links to the Primary Blog, i.e., Tumblr account used to create them.  
  • When you Delete Tumblr account, you can choose to delete Tumblr entirely or Delete Tumblr secondary blogs individually. 
  • When you choose to Delete Tumblr secondary blog, it will not affect your Primary content. 
  • However, When you Delete Tumblr Primary account, everything will be removed. 
  • This suggests that you will get excluded from any groups you have met and so lose any acquired Tumblr credit.
  • Once your Delete Tumblr Primary account, your username, and blog URL go back into the pool for reuse, therefore, if you alter your mind and want to return to Tumblr in the future, they may no longer be accessible.

Downloading Your Tumblr Data

To download your Tumblr data:

NOTE: It takes much or less about 30 days to download your Tumblr Data. 

  1. Go to the Privacy Dashboard, and select ‘Download Your Data’.
  2. Click ‘Request a Download’. 
  3. Click ‘Next’, you have to give your email address where Tumblr will notify you when your data is ready. 
  4. Click ‘Request Download’.
  5. Visit ‘Download Your Data’ after you get a notification, and this time click ‘Your Download Requests.
  6. Click ‘Download’. 

To wrap up

By progressing with the steps above mentioned, you’ll not only Delete Tumblr account permanently but also abe able to Download your data, that you have an affectionate attachment. Remember, you cannot reinstate your account unlike many other such platforms, that’s why you need to be sure about your decision before deleting the Tumblr account.

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