FIXED! - How to Clone Android TV Box

Nowadays, Android TV boxes have been more popular because it has changed the entertainment industry. With the Android box, you can bring a world of movies and music with your hands, and choose the content you want to watch, play, and listen to. Moreover, users are able to surf the internet, read the news, shop, browse social media accounts, send emails, and other countless possibilities right on these Android TV boxes. Have you ever heard of transfer media files from Android devices to Android TV boxes? If you don’t know how to do. This tutorial will show you How to Clone Android TV Box

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What is an Android TV Box?

Android TV Box

An Android TV Box, also known as Android Box is a small media center that connects to a TV to play video and games on the Android OS. This device allows you a wide range of uses from surfing the web to streaming video straight to your TV. Also like some other “set box”, such as a Sky box, a Kodi box, etc, an Android TV Box can make any dumb screen smart. Now, you don’t need to invest in an Android TV.

In fact, one of the main benefits of Android Box is that you can easily buy an Android Box and plug it into any regular screen. After that, your screen will become smart and you can use the Google Play store to download apps in a few simple clicks. While an Android TV may cost you a few thousand dollars, you can own an Android TV Box at less than $50.

So, in the next part, we’ll walk you through how to clone a rooted TV Box and get rich digital content showing in mere minutes.

Step-by-step instruction to clone Android TV Box

instruction to clone Android TV Box

There are several methods to clone files to Android Tv Box. One common way is to use a USB thumb drive.  However, it might rather troublesome because you have to transfer the media content from your PC to the USB thumb drive, then sent to your Android Tv Box. So, on this page, we will show you a more convenient way to transfer files to Android TV Box. With this way, you can directly transfer the content from your computer to your Tv Box. Moreover, you can also explore the content of your Android box.

First of all, you will need to download ES Explorer in Google Playstore for your PC. And, make sure that your computer is connected to the same router as your Android Tv box. This means that they have to be in the same network. Now, let’s get started.

connect TV with Android TV Box

1. Firstly, go to Es Explorer in your Android Tv Box. You will see the Remote Manager option, tap on it to continue.

2. Click on the Turn On button to open the Remote Manager. Then, copy the FTP address given.

4. Next, head to your computer. Then right-click on your computer and select ‘Add a network location’

5. Click Next two times to continue

6. Then, type the FTP address given by the app

7. And, select Next to continue

8. In this step, you have to give a name to the network location

9. After all, just click Finish to complete the whole process.

Now, you can explore the content of your android Tv box from your computer. You can also directly clone files to your Android Tv Box from your computer.

The bottom line

You have to understand ‘what is an Android TV Box?’ and how to Clone Android TV Box. Do you think we missed out some ways or tips on how to copy files to an Android TV Box? Leave us a comment or suggestion below. And, don’t forget visiting for more details.



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