How to Clean a PopSocket

PopSockets would come in handy to help you have a firm and a better grip of your phone anytime and anywhere reducing the risk of breakages. Owning a PopSocket is one of the trendy things and is much fun to use. Getting them to be clean all the time might sometimes prove to be a daunting task. However, cleaning a PopSocket would take a few easy steps that this article is going to highlight. 

The PopSocket cleaning process involves cleaning of its two parts known as the adhesive base and the plastic grip.


Cleaning the Adhesive Base

  1. Fill a bowl with cold water and place it on the table. Make sure the bowl or dish is deep enough for the adhesive base to be completely immersed. Note that the plastic grip is to be cleaned separately and so you shouldn’t worry about it being immersed.
  2. Remove the PopSocket from the back of your phone by digging your fingernail under the PopSocket to detach it from your phone.

    how to clean a popsocket

    How to clean a popsocket

  1. Pull the plastic grip to extend it to its full length then place the side with the adhesive base first into the water as the plastic grip pops out of the water.
  2. Allow the PopSocket to soak for ten seconds in water without any disturbance then pull it up from the water by the grip and shake off any excess water. Do not allow a soaking time that’s more than ten seconds to avoid spoiling the adhesive.
  3. Lay the PopSocket on a kitchen towel or paper towel with the adhesive base facing up and allow it to dry up for about five minutes. Avoid using a towel, piece of clothing or even a blow drier to dry off the water from the adhesive base as this would destroy its adhesive abilities.

    How to clean a popsocket

    How to clean a popsocket

Cleaning the Plastic Grip

  1. Start by taking off any beautification stickers you might have added on to the plastic grip.

    How to clean a popsocket

    How to clean a popsocket

  1. Hold the Adhesive base of the PopSocket and immerse the plastic grip side into the water. Make sure the adhesive base doesn’t get wet again and if possible you could consider holding it covered with a towel.
  2. Use soapy clothing or towel to scrub the plastic grip gently to get rid of any stains on it. Do not let soap to flow to the adhesive region.
  3. Rinse the grip once with cold running water to release it of the soapy residue. Then using a dry towel, dry the plastic grip until it is free of any water molecules and press it back to your phone.

It is necessary to check whether the adhesive base firmly sticks to the back of your phone before you go about swinging your phone. This is especially important because the cleaning process might have affected the grip negatively.

The bottom line

The cleaning process is simple but one that requires you to take extra care to avoid spoiling the PopSocket. Leaving it dirty is also equally dangerous to the lifespan of the PopSocket’s adhesive base as dirt can cause it to lose its grip hence posing a risk to your phone.

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