SOLVED! - How to block someone on Spotify?

It’s no secret that having an online presence lets the world know about your preferences and many other things that you want to keep to yourself. Spotify is a popular music streaming app with millions of users. The app allows you to create private as well as public playlists.

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How to block someone on Spotify

How to block someone on Spotify

Since Spotify is not a social media app, there is direct messaging between Spotify users and hence there is no need to block someone. However, you can block music artists with a new feature. Also, some users might have some apprehensions about their listening activity being viewed by others and would want to keep it private. Here we have provided solutions to protect your privacy by instructing on how to block someone on Spotify.

Block Music Artist on Spotify

  • Open Spotify app on your smartphone
  • Use the search tool to find the artist you want to block

    How to block someone on Spotify

    How to block someone on Spotify

  • Go to their menu on the page
  • Tap “Don’t play this artist

    How to block someone on Spotify

    How to block someone on Spotify

  • Spotify will remove the artist from your library and curate the playlist

Block user from viewing your activity on Spotify

If you are worried about other users watching what you are listening to, there is a way to block a user on Spotify. To prevent someone from viewing your listening activity simply Unfollow them on Spotify. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Some users do not have a display name and are known by their user name. Type the user name or the alias name in the search box. Here is the right way to search for the user.
  • Type “Spotify: user:” plus the username. For example, if you want to find user ben, you need to type Spotify: user: ben into the search bar.
  • When you locate the desired user in the search results, tap on the username
  • Tap Unfollow

Once you have unfollowed the user, he/she would not be able to see your listening activity or know your favorites on the Spotify music app. The user does not get any notification after you have unfollowed him/her on Spotify.

Block someone from viewing your playlist

If you have made some public playlists, they would be accessible to other Spotify users. If you want to block someone from viewing your playlist, you can make it private which will prevent anyone from viewing your song list. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Open Spotify app
  • Open the playlist which you want to make private or hide from someone
  • Click on the circle with an ellipsis inside: Click make secret

Now no one will have access to your playlist

Wrap Up

A major part of Spotify’s app interface is dedicated to following friends and sharing music with them. The solutions given above provide you with effective ways to block music artists or anyone who might be watching your Spotify activity closely.  If you feel someone is stalking you through Spotify, you can always avoid making public playlists and sharing them with others. This is the simplest way to block someone or stay anonymous on the Spotify app. 

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