[SOLVED] How to Access Sim Toolkit Android?

All in all, SIM cards contain a lot of data and Android users could only get to the data if they know how to access SIM tookit Andriod. Regarding toolkit, there is a built-in SIM toolkit in Network Settings that let people manage their SIM card data. Aside from that, a number of SIM toolkit apps can retrieve data such as IMSI number, Authentication Key, SMS messages and Contacts. Such apps also reveal your PUK, PIN, Local Area Identity (LAI), accessible services and SMSC identifiers.

What Types of Data Is on a SIM Card?

Data Is on a SIM Card

First of all, perhaps you are wondering your little SIM card can hold what kinds of data about your phone. So, let’s take a closer look.

  • IMSI number is a 15-digit number that identifies you on your carrier’s network.
  • Authentication Key is used to verify your connection to the network.
  • About 500 Contacts and SMS
  • PIN and PUK. The PIN code allows you to limit access to your SIM, while the PUK code is used for PIN unblocking.
  • Temporary Information, including your Location Area Identity (LAI), lists of services that you have permission to access, and SMSC identifiers.

What is Sim Toolkit on Android?

Sim Toolkit on Android

The Sim Toolkit application is an easy-to-use app on Android that lets you access all the information relating to SIM card as we showed above. Moreover, this app also allows you to quickly get some other useful information about your Android phone, like SAMSUNG phone, Sony or Oppo, etc. Therefore, it enables to manage the Sim card, and even your contacts efficiently.

The Sim Toolkit software is also similar to the standard GSM system that comes with commands and three layers, including the RIL, the Sim Toolkit service, and the user interface.

How to Access Sim Toolkit Android?

We will guide you the way to take a peek at the data on your Android that is installed SIM card, at first.

  • Open the Settings app by swiping down to access the drop-down menu.
  • From there, tap on “About phone“, then select “Status” and “SIM status” to see data on your phone number, service status, and roaming info as well.

Access Sim Toolkit Android

Once you were there, there are not the whole things you can do, you can also manage all your data. Then, we will guide you on how to do it. 

  • Firstly, you also go to Settings
  • Then, head to Wireless Settings -> Sim & Network Settings
  • After that, just choose a sim (SIM 1 or SIM 2)
  • Lastly, scroll down to the bottom of the list until you see SIM Toolkit and click it.


1. How to block SIM Toolkit on Android?

  • Go to Settings -> Apps
  • Then, swipe to the right until you see the “all” tab, and select it.
  •  Scroll down until you get “SIM Toolkit”, then tap on it, force stop it and disable it.

2. What to do when Sim toolkit isn’t available on the sim card?

If your Android phone shows that the Sim Manager is unavailable, you can try to restart your phone again.

3. Is sim toolkit app spyware?

No, it doesn’t. We can reassure that the sim toolkit app doesn’t belong to the category of spyware.

Final Words

Generally speaking, with the Sim Tool kit app on Android, you can view all the details of your SIM Card, and import and export Phone numbers. Moreover, to use this app, make sure that you have checked out How to Access Sim Toolkit Android. So, quickly get this great app on your device. And visit milagromobilemarketing.com website to figure out more useful info about Android apps now.

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