SOLVED! - Hide And Unhide Notification Content Android

Have you ever felt awkward or annoyed when your Android notification content suddenly unfolded in front of strangers on your Lock Screen? Notification often shows up the content on the lock screen due to the default setting. However, just paying little attention and read our article below, we will instruct you on how to hide notification content.

You can watch this step by step video:

Android Notification

Notification channels are a unique and common type of Android Notification. Your notification type will depend mostly on what type of apps and division. Notification Channels could be classified into 2 types.

  • Notification Categories

    notification categories

    Notification Categories

  • Notification Badges

    Notification Badges

    Notification Badges

All the above notifications could show up content on the lock screen. Sometimes, it seems to be convenient but when you’re set in the highest privacy mode, it isn’t. 

What does it mean content hidden on the phone?

The owners have hidden the content. You’re not permitted to see the content unless you unlock the phone or change the setting.

Is it necessary to hide notification content on the lock screen?

Depending much on our attitude toward the notification content.

  • Absolutely necessary, if you’re concerned much about your private information, the fact of someone suddenly comes across the content might appear irritated. 
  • Not much necessary, your notification content exposes no threat to you, you ensure that your acquaintances will highly respect your privacy.


Do the contents hidden show up after unlock?

Yes, when you unlock the phone, you unfold the content hidden too. You will receive and see the notification content as usual. Hiding the content from the lock screen will not interrupt your experience after unlocking the phone. 

Hiding the content will cause any harm/threat to my device?

Absolutely no, simply you’re changing the setting and the developer allows us to change without accessing and causing the error in the original system.

How to show up/hide notification content on the lock screen?

Android phones support many options: show all, none and hide sensitive content. Hiding the sensitive content still allows showing which app notifies on the lock screen but the content will be hidden, this option assists you in saving your time not to unlock the phone for unimportant notifications. 

Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Android Device

  1. Open the Setting and go to General
  2. Search and tap Apps and Notifications ( Sound and Notifications)

    Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Android Device

    Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Android Device

  1. Enter Notification then select Lock Screen
  2. Pick Hide sensitive notifications only or Hide all notification to hide the content. Or pick Show all notifications to unhide.

    Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Android Device

    Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Android Device

Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Samsung

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Pick Lock Screen Notifications
  3. Swipe On to enable the notification, then pick Show on Always-on Display or Hide Content. 

Using third-party application

If you want to set the protect wall for your message to ensure the highest security, downloading a third party protect-application will be an option for you.

The app that we recommend today is Message Lock. It’s light and user-friendly. Imagine your friend or brother wants to borrow your phone to play games or anything, this app will make sure that your message will never be accessed. 

Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Android Device

Hide/Unhide the Notification Content on Android Device

Wrap Up

We are hoping that our article will resolve your problem and make you more protective. For any questions or comments, please let us know at this address.

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