[SOLVED] Guide to Play Mov File on Android

There is trouble on Android devices is that the Android operating system does not assist its users in playing MOV files, so the QuickTime format cannot operate on Android smartphone or tablet. So, if you want to watch MOV files on Android, I guess you are seeking a solution to tackle this problem. Luckily, you are in the right place. In this writing, I will guide you thoroughly to play MOV (QuickTime) files on Android devices applying either of two effective ways which are converting MOV files to another format that is compatible with the Android or employing Android Media Player so as to enable the playback of .MOV video format. Let’s find out how to use these helpful methods to play MOV (QuickTime) files on Android

About MOV (QuickTime) files

MOV files is a QuickTime multimedia container file format designed by Apple. This file is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms. In MOV files, there are various media data storing and syncing video, audio, timecode, and text tracks. Every media track is encoded using different codecs. MOV files generally use the MPEG-4 codec to compress. To play a MOV file, an app must be capable to identify the particular codec used in the file. MOV files are commonly used in Apple products such as QuickTime, iPhone, iPad. However, unluckily, MOV file is incompatible with Android. 

Therefore, to enable MOV files on Android, Android users need to either change MOV to Mp4 or another suitable Android supported formats or employ a MOV (QuickTime) media player for Android that can play MOV files. In this article, I will guide both two methods in great details. Nevertheless, you should be aware of that owing to the small number of MOV files on an Android phone, it is not worth the problem to download Android media player. For that reason, it is a good idea to convert the MOV files to MPEG-4 (Mp4) which is supported on Android.

Guide to play MOV file on Android

Method 1: Play MOV file with Android media player

There are a large number of Android media players available that can support you on playing MOV file on your Android device. You can employ one of these media players to run the .mov file on Android devices. Here I list down 3 prevalent players that you can easily apply.

  • VLC media player: The first suggestion is VLC media player, which is the most prevalent one, as it will play most video or audio files, and MOV file is no exception. Currently, the VLC media player has been enhanced with some greatly significant transforms; so even if you do not plan to use it to play MOV file, it is recommended to install it on Android devices. Although when using VLC media player to play MOV file, some Android users encounter with the performance problem, I have had no such trouble.
VLC media player
VLC Media Player
  • MX player: MX Player is the another recommended app to play MOV video file on Android. It is preferred by a great number of Android users, this is mainly due to its set-top boxes, XBMC, etc. Moreover, this media player contains a lot of the best features and has been released for a long time now in the Android video player game. This is a worthwhile app to check it out when you want to play MOV file on Android.
MX player
MX Player
  • WonderShare Player: Last not least, Wondershare Player is highly recommended for PC which contains a superb video converter. This Android media player covers multitude video formats such as FLV, MKV, AVI, ROMB, MP4, MOV and more.  In addition, you can also employ it to view videos from the most common entertainment sites, for example, YouTube, Vevo, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc. WonderShare Player is totally free to use and there is no harm in trying it out.
Wondershare Player
Wondershare Player

Method 2: Convert MOV file to Android compatible formats

In order to play MOV file in high quality on Android, you are advised to convert MOV file to a compatible format with Android. In order to play MOV file on Android, you can download and install a Video Converting tool named EaseFab Video Converter to change the MOV file to a format more appropriate to be played on Android. With EaseFab Video Converter, you can do batch conversion from MKV, MOV, VOB, AVI, and more to Android smartphones in a click of mouse. Once it has been done, you can enjoy your videos on Android device on the go. Follow these steps below:

convert mov file
Convert MOV file

Step 1: Drag and drop the MOV files onto the EaseFab Video Converter interface.
Step 2: Choose an Android friendly format, for example, H.264 .mp4 for conversion.

Fundamentally, the “Android” > “Android Phone” or “Android Tablet” is a common format for Android smartphones/tablets.
Step 3: Simply tap on Convert at the lower-right corner on the interface.


Hope this article helps you to handle your problem with playing Mov file on Android. Leave comments below if you have any recommendation.

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