[SOLVED] Get Ready with Android Delete Learned Words to Avoid Awkward Situations!

The default keyboard on your Android device is programmed to learn new words and adapt to your writing style. This allows it to predict and suggest words when you are typing. However, it is a mixed blessing when the keyboard also learns and saves misspelled words on Android devices. To get rid of these incorrect words, you must clear out learned words from your Android keyboard. In today’s article, milagromobilemarketing.com will instruct you how to “android delete learned words“.

Why do you need to remove learned words on your Android?

On the bright side, the predictive text in your phones bring tremendous benefit to typists when writing messages, SMS or drafting notes by significantly speeding up the input process. On the other hand, like any other computer devices, Android mobile phones are prone to problems when mistakes and nonsense input data could produce wrong outputs. Hence, your keyboard also learns misspelled words as well as other slang terms/shortcuts which can be annoying when writing messages.

android delete learned words

Deleting learned words on the Android keyboard is also especially important for privacy. This is principally in need when other people borrow and use your device to type words, and they might see embarrassing word suggestions that you prefer to keep to yourself or discover bad words or terms. If you wish to prevent them from finding out words that may implicate you, then you should tiny up all the saved words on your Android.

How to Remove Learned Words from Android.

To get rid of the scenario that you might need to give an explanation for the embarrassing words in your predictive text, you need to learn the way to delete and refresh the learned text of your Android keyboard. Below is the easy process of wiping out all your personalized data/words from Android phones. In our guidance, we exemplify some common Android keyboards.

Erase Learned Words From GBoard

Assuming that your Android device is using GBoard, the common virtual keyboard app used in Android phones. 

android delete learned words on Gboard

To swipe out all the learned words from Android

  1. Go to the Phone Settings> Language and Input
  2. Tap Gboard and head to Settings.
  3. Go to the Dictionary and drag down to see the option Delete Learned Words and tap on it.

In the wake of the action, you can automatically delete all learned words from your GBoard. Hence, no wonder when having others borrow your Android phone.

Delete a specific learned word from Gboard

You might want to keep most of the useful predictive text of your Android keyboard and you wish to delete only a single word or specific words on Android. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the app in which you write a text or message. 
  2. Type the specific words that you want to delete.
  3. When the word appears on the prediction bar, you touch the words and hold for a few seconds.
  4. Then, an option will prompt to remove that specific word
  5. Tap or drag the word “Remove Suggestion
  6. The words will be deleted from your Android keyboard for good

Remove Learned Words From Samsung Keyboard

android delete learned words on samsung keyboard

Samsung is the most popular Android device. And the default keyboard in all versions of the brand name is Samsung Keyboard. Thus, we also talk you through the process of how to clear learned words from the Samsung keyboard. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to phone settings by clicking the gear icon at the top right corner
  2. Tap General management and then go to Language and input
  3. Tap On-screen keyboard> Samsung keyboard.
  4. Tap “Predictive text
  5. Tap “Clear personal data”. Finishing the final step, you can easily remove all the learned words your Samsung keyboard.

The way to erase a single word or specific words in the learned words in your Samsung keyboard follows the same process as in the Gboard app. If you want to ensure that you will not be committing spelling errors due to predictive text or to get rid of fears that your Android device will contain awkward or incriminating suggested words, you may simply opt to disable the predictive text in your Samsung keyboard. 

Follow the guide above up to step 3, then you tap Smart Typing and Swipe predictive text to disable the mode.

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Wrap up

To bring you to an end, milagromobilemaketing.com has shown you how android delete learned words. We hope that with the easy-to-follow instruction above, you can easily get rid of all the ambiguous and offensive words that the Android system automatically saves and learns.

If you encounter any problem, put your mind at ease and visit us on our website: milagromobilemarketing.com to leave your wonder in the comment section.