[SOLVED] Gear Fit 2 Won’t Charge

Versatile and flexible, Gear Fit 2 of Samsung is able to satisfy quite a few demands with relative ease. In addition to that, the battery of Samsung smartwatch takes a while to deplete and recharge quickly. As a result, the downtime of Gear Fit 2 is shorter than many of its competitors on the market nowadays. However, from time to time, people still notice that their Gear Fit 2 won’t charge even though it’s on a plugged-in charging dock.

Breakdowns Of The Charging Issue 

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You cannot get your Gear Fit 2 to charge and don’t know what is going on with it? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article contains everything that you must keep in mind about the charging issue of the Samsung smartwatch from causes to solutions.

Gear Fit 2 Not Charging: Possibilities 

Generally speaking, Gear Fit 2 could develop a number of problems in the course of operation but regarding charging difficulty, you should consider these suspects.


All in all, no matter how advanced electronics become, their performance may still suffer from hiccups every now and then. On modern smartwatches including Samsung models, most hiccups tend to be mere nuisances that resolve by themselves given time. Nonetheless, it’s worth pointing out that some hiccups would prevent the initiation of key operations such as charging if people leave them alone. That is why if you have trouble charging your Gear Fit 2, you need to take hiccups into account.

Dirty Connectors And Pins 

In layman’s terms, connectors and pins dictate how smooth electricity moves from the charging dock into Gear Fit 2. If you manage to keep connectors and pins clean, you should be able to recharge your Samsung smartwatch with relative ease. On the other hand, if you allow dirt, sweat, dead skin, … to collect on connectors and pins, expect issues with charging. Needless to say, articles that talk about why Gear Fit 2 won’t charge regularly include dirty connectors and pins in their list of causes.

Damaged Cable

Naturally, if the cable of charging dock sustains damages, electricity is incapable of reaching Gear Fit 2. Your Samsung smartwatch fails to receive charge out of the blue but it looks fine from the outside? Then there is a very good chance that the fault lies with the charging dock, likely the cable. While it’s possible to repair damaged cable temporarily, a permanent fix is necessary for consistent charging performance.

Power Source Is Unstable 

During recharge, the charging dock draws electricity from a power source to charge the battery of Gear Fit 2. That means you should give power source some thought if your Samsung smartwatch runs into charging difficulty. In most of the cases, it’s a breeze to determine whether the power source is the one that gives you a hard time. That being said, the process of repairing power sources may take quite a bit of effort.

Expired Battery 

If you have checked all the above but cannot spot anything out of the ordinary, you probably have an expired battery. The battery of Gear Fit 2 features an excellent lifespan but like its contemporaries, it eventually loses charging capacity. To a certain point, the battery cannot be charged which disrupts the use of Samsung smartwatch. Assuming that you have been using your Gear Fit 2 for years, it’s a good idea to consider replacing the battery.

How To Get Gear Fit 2 To Resume Charging 

When their Gear Fit 2 won’t charge, people resort to all sorts of measures to deal with the issue. However, if you like to go back to using your Samsung smartwatch as soon as possible, it’s suggested that you implement the following fixes.

Take It Off And Put It On 

Remove your Gear Fit 2 from the charging dock, wait for a minute and return it to the dock. To be thorough, after placing the Samsung smartwatch on the dock, press and hold the Power button for at least twenty seconds. By doing so, you could force your Gear Fit 2 to start charging regardless of the hiccups that it experiences. You also have the option of pressing the Power button multiple times in quick succession to reboot it in recovery mode.

Clean The Connectors And Pins

Wipe the connectors and pins using a clean piece of cloth to get rid of things that don’t belong. If you come across stubborn built-ups of materials, feel free to use cleaning aids such as isopropyl alcohol. Of course, you must be careful to avoid damaging components by mistake. Besides that, it’s wise to give connectors and pins a few moments to dry before attempting to recharge your Gear Fit 2 again.

Check Out The Cable 

A tell-tale sign of damaged cables is exposed wiring but it’s noteworthy that cables may be compromised even with intact casing. For minor damages, you could reconnect the wiring then wrap tapes around the connection to get electricity through for the time being. Still, charging via repaired cables presents a couple of troubles from unstable flows of electricity to fire hazards. Thus, regardless of the extent of damages, it’s strongly recommended that you pick up a new cable for the charging dock.

Change The Power Source 

Unplug the charging dock from its current power source and re-plug it into another one. In the case that your Gear Fit 2 begins charging, you would be able to conclude the original power source is responsible for the charging issue. Depending on the situation, you have to assess the power grid of your house to deduce what might have gone wrong. If you lack confidence, it’s best to let professional electricians take over the repair of power sources.

Replace The Battery

Today, numerous locations sell replacement batteries for Samsung smartwatches so you could replace the batteries of your Gear Fit 2 at will. Nonetheless, for good measure, it’s widely advised that you get the battery from reputable retailers. Moreover, unless you have the skills and tools, you should hire someone to swap the battery in your stead. All it takes is one second of carelessness for internal components of Gear Fit to break beyond repair which incurs extra cost.


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How long could the battery of Gear Fit 2 sustain operation? 

At full charge, your Gear Fit 2 is able to stay on for several days but the way you use it would change the battery life. Unsurprisingly, the more you use the Samsung smartwatch, the quicker its battery depletes. To keep losses of charging capacity to the minimum, you must return your Gear Fit 2 to the charging dock before the charge drops too low.

What is the length of the recharges of Gear Fit 2?

Overall, countless factors affect the time it takes to bring Samsung smartwatches back to full charge. On average, Gear Fit 2 with its 200mAh battery needs around two hours to change the charge level from 0% to 100%.

Is it possible to extend the battery life of Gear Fit 2?

The battery of Gear Fit 2 loses charge as time passes by but you could lengthen the recharge interval if you disable specific features. For instance, unless it’s necessary, you should turn off wireless connections such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. Also, by disabling Samsung Gear, S health, Gear Fit Manager and similar applications, the battery is going to drop significantly. Last but not least, you have to think about enabling Power Saving mode to optimize the battery life.

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