[SOLVED] Gboard Gif Not Working Android? 5 Mins Solution!

If you notice Gboard GIF not working Android, there must have been a bug and you should clear cache and app data at once. Also, you may want to update the Gboard appperform a factory reset, etc. New to Android OS and have no idea how to take care of issues on it? Then continue reading to be able to get the most out of Gboard.

gboard gif not working Android

Possible solutions 

Clear cache and app data 

The very first thing we would like you to do is to clear the cache and app data of the gboard app. In case you didn’t know, cached data and app data are simply records of your previous entry and activities saved up in the form of scripts, texts or whatever. They are there, so that next time you open the app, they can load it faster without having to retrieve the data elsewhere.

gboard gif not working Android

That’s the reason why there might have been some kinds of conflict, storage burden, and whatnot which hinder the gboard gif to run smoothly. Here is how you clear the cached and app data: 

  1. Go to Settings of your phone, then go to Apps management and locate gboard application.
  2. Tap on it and you will see options to clear cache and app data. Simply click on it and it is done.
  3. Now go back out and check if the gif in your gboard is working again. 

Update related

The thing with updating your apps is that, if you do not update them, there will be bugs and glitches everywhere. However, if you update them too much and too rapidly, there might also be new bugs being born from the update. 

To rectify this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Google Play store
  2. Tap on three bars on the left of the search bar, and tap on the My apps & games.
  3. See if gboard related update has been missed.
  4. If there aren’t, then switch to the Installed tab, once again, locate gboard, tap on it and tap uninstall. Then install the gboard again. That should give it a bit of an adequate fix. 

Factory reset

gboard gif not working Android

If you have tried these above solutions and still, you see no improvements on your GBoard’s performance, wiping the data is your last resort in fixing the gboard GIFs issue on Android. Follow the guide below to wipe your data

  1. Reboot your phone
  2. When the device startup, press and hold power, volume up and home button to access recovery menu.
  3. Choose the Factory reset and return the phone back to its default state. 

Alternative solution

You know, factory reset solution is actually a bit complicated as you have to back up all your data and reinstall all the apps.

How about looking for an alternative keyboard for GIFs? Visit our website, there are tons of keyboard apps you will find satisfactory as a replacement for gboard. Hence, you got no worry about gif not working on Android with the new keyboard application.

Wrapping up 

Gboard gif not working Android is not a big deal so the above solutions should be able to flush out any conflicts with the Gboard

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