[SOLVED] Galaxy S4 Turns Off

If your Galaxy S4 Galaxy S4 turns off out of the blue, there is a good chance that Turn off screen during calls is enabled. To keep the screen on, you should disable the Turn off screen during calls feature. If the issue persists, it’s strongly recommended that you consider updating the software, checking out the Power button, taking a look at the battery and so on. Read to the end to learn what must be done and put your Samsung phone to good use.

The Usual Suspects


If your S4 screen only turns off only amidst calls, there is no need to panic. Your phone is completely ok and Turn off screen during calls is the root of the problem. As the name suggests, Turn off screen during calls causes the screen to turn off whenever the user is on a call. If the feature is bothering you, all you have to do is to disable it.


If your phone uses out-of-date software, you risk being exposed to malicious attacks and crashing apps. One of the consequences is the frequent shutdowns caused by the instability of obsolete software. Unless you take action, your Samsung phone is going to turn off all of a sudden every now and then.

Power Button

You recently dropped your Galaxy S4 on hard surfaces? Then it’s highly likely that the Power button is damaged. A broken, dented, or jammed Power button can make the device turn off abruptly or restart unexpectedly.


There have been multiple cases concerning Galaxy S4’s unusual battery drain. Several owners have claimed that their devices abruptly switched off despite the fact they still have around 30% battery life left. That led Samsung to initiate the replacement of batteries at no extra cost for owners of affected phones. In addition, if the removable battery is not secured, it may not supply power consistently and the device would turn off by itself at times.

A Few Fixes

Deactivate Turn Off Screen During Calls

If Turn off screen during calls is enabled, it would turn off the screen of your phone when the proximity sensor detects close range to your body, especially the ear. For your information, this feature aims to prevent unintended touches that might activate other functions during calls. To disable the feature on your S4, go through the steps down below:

  • Step 1: Open Settings, go to My device tab and hit Call.
  • Step 2: Uncheck the Turn off screen during calls checkbox.
  • Step 3: See how things turn out.


Updating your phone frees it from bugs and enables it to access the latest features from Samsung. The good news is that Samsung always has software updates for its new and old Galaxy phones. Updating your Galaxy S4 helps fix coding errors in the software and puts an end to unexpected shutdowns.

  • Step 1: Open Settings, select More and choose About device.
  • Step 2: Go to Software updates then hit Update now.
  • Step 3: Once the update completes, restart the device and determine whether the issue persists.

Check Out The Power Button

Examine the power button to ensure it isn’t dented, jammed, or broken. When you press, and it doesn’t turn off / restart your phone, then it is the problem. Take off your phone’s case to ensure it is not affecting the power button in any way. If you discover that your device’s power button is malfunctioning, you should take it to a smartphone repair shop.

Take A Look At The Battery

Your S4 battery could be the reason your phone is turning off abruptly. Remove the battery cover and check whether the battery fits perfectly. If you can’t notice gaps visually, turn on your phone and shake it a bit. If the device turns off/your battery falls out, the fitness of the battery is less than ideal and you must do something. One way is to insert a tiny piece of paper into the battery compartment to maintain consistent contact between the phone and the battery.

If you still experience the same problem, you must replace it with a new one. Due to the reported cases of defective batteries, use our recommended list when getting a new battery.

  • Official Samsung Galaxy S4 standard battery – Its capacity is 2600mAh.
  • Mugen Samsung Galaxy S4 extended battery – Its capacity is 5500mAh.
  • Mophie Juice Pack Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 – It’s an external battery with a capacity of 2300mAh.

Is It Necessary To Restart Galaxy S4?

Using your Galaxy S4 for a long time without restarting it makes it less efficient. It is recommended to restart it to clear the system and app caches and restore optimal performance.

What Should I Do When My Galaxy S4 Fails To Turn On?

Take out the phone battery, press the power button for about a minute, and then switch it on. If this does not help, get a new battery since that one is defective.

What Happens When You Reset Your Galaxy S4?

If you factory reset your S4 Galaxy, be sure to lose all its data. A factory reset should be your last solution. It is important to look for other options before settling on that.