Galaxy on Fire 3- Manticore Apk Review

Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore game is built around rewarding players for almost every action they do. You are consistently gaining perks as you pass levels and complete missions. They take the form of experience, numerous kinds of currency, blueprints for your ship, intel, ship parts, and more.

Galaxy on Fire 3 game apk

Galaxy on Fire 3 game apk

What’s great about the Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore game apk on Android is that it does not create the feeling like you pay to win. That means you play the game without paying any real-life money. In fact, there are some games in which you feel held back if you are not paying the real money. Obviously, Manticore does not include that type of frustration and is a superb game for it. Let’s discovery Galaxy on Fire 3 apk right now.

So what is the Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore story?

Galaxy on Fire 3 - Manticore game apk

Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore game apk

In Galaxy on Fire 3 game, you act like a head pilot for a group of mercenaries (Manticore) taking contracts from a large number of clients after the Shattering, which is an event which wiped out the entire fleet of ships and the whole planet. The story is greatly straightforward but is a good setup for the Galaxy on Fire 3 gameplay. Although sometimes the conversation in the game does get awkward or repetitive, generally it is suitable for the setting. The game starts by blasting you with the story. After that, it quiets down for a while and comes to you in pieces and it becomes like “story-lonely” later on.

The Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore apk gameplay

Galaxy on Fire 3 gameplay

Galaxy on Fire 3 gameplay

The Galaxy on Fire 3 apk game has two sections which are the main story and contracts. The main quest accounts for a quite large size and is where the main story happens. It principally covers finding and killing the enemy bounties, both alien and human alike. In this game, this is considered as the funniest part of the game because the missions are the most intriguing and paced the best. The main quest would not be that long if it were not for contracts. In gameplay, contracts help to extend remarkably the game in its length.

Contracts are the added missions that you need to go through so as to enhance the experience and upgrade your ship and weapons. You will have to finish a bunch of these if you are going to progress in the main story. Specifically,  you will randomly discovery informants with intel helping you unlock main quest stages. Contracts themselves include protecting friendly ships from enemy fire, taking out enemy ships, transmitting information by flying near satellites and defend cargo against other things. However, contracts are repetitive after a couple dozen of them and start feeling like chores you are told to do rather than their own adventure.

Galaxy on Fire 3 game on Android

Galaxy on Fire 3 game on Android

You can also implement recon missions that require you to scan a large area for intel. Almost of these missions allows you to fly around the space. You are required to use a probe equipped with a type of “hot or cold” seeking system but it takes much time to find packages and intel about 20 minutes.

The Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore apk game graphic design

Galaxy on Fire 3 design

Galaxy on Fire 3 design

The graphic designs for Galaxy on Fire 3 game are really awesome. The music and sound effects on this game are a special and attractive combination. Moreover, the voice acting is quite good and does not make you feel awkward at all.

The simple controls will help the new players familiar with the gameplay. In particular, using your left thumb to steer the ship and using your right thumb to boost and slow down. Shooting is automatic, which is the best way to play. There are times when targeting enemy ships can make you feel a little frustrating, but overall things run well.


If you are seeking a sci-fi action game on Android, Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore is for you. Let’s enjoy your time with Galaxy on fire 3 apk game. Do comment below to share your experience with us.

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