[SOLVED] Error Installing Apk On Android

APKs installation is a great appeal to Android users as those files can help to bypass geo-restriction, device incompatibility and systematic errors of Google Play. However, to some certain extent, it might provoke annoyance with some common errors when users are trying to install the app APK on their devices.

Take your time as in this post, you will grasp the breakdown of matter with some feasible solutions to fix error installing APK on Android.

Parse error when installing APK

Error Installing Apk
Error Installing Apk

Parse error is one of the most common errors when you install an app from a third-party provider or even the official site-Google Play.

Reasons causing this error

  • The device system doesn’t get security permission to download Android applications from unknown sources.
  • The security services or cleaner apps on the device prevent the installation.
  • The device’s hardware or app version is not compatible with the app.

How to fix a parse error 

If this error happens when you install an APK file, you can easily troubleshoot it by following some below workarounds. 

  1. Enable Unknown Sources

    enable unknown sources
    Enable Unknown Sources

By activating the option Unknown Sources on your Settings menu, APK apps from the third-party sources will be allowed to be downloaded and installed on the Android operating system. For most Android devices, navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and toggle the mode to ON.

  1. Disable antivirus apps or cleaner services 

Advantages asides, antivirus software, and cleaner services can interrupt or prevent the APKs installation. To temporarily fix this problem, users can deactivate these apps.

  1. Check the compatibility 
check variants
Check the compatibility

Users can compare the settings information of your device with the technical information of the APK file. Then, select the most suitable APK file/ variant or update the latest Android version (if it’s necessary). 

  1. Reset your device 

If none of the aforementioned solutions works, try to reset your device, then upgrade the Android version. Before resetting, make sure that you back up the important data to avoid negligent loss on your device.

APK auto-download

apk autodownload
APK auto-download

There are some possible ways to stop APK auto-download process:

  1. Deactivate the installation from unknown sources

Go to Settings on your device > Security > Disable the feature Unknown sources

  1. Disable auto-update of the app

Access Settings on your device > Apps > Select the app you want to disable auto-download > Install unknown apps > Deactivate this feature.

Fail to install APK on Android

During the installation of APK files on Android phones, users may encounter one of the following errors:

  1. Lack of storage

    lack of storage
    Lack of storage

In this case, your Android device doesn’t have sufficient storage capacity for the application. To get rid of the issue, the best way is to clean up all the unnecessary apps or software. 

  1. The Android version is lower than the app’s requirements. 

One of the reasons why users fail to successfully install and run the app APK is the outdated Android version of their device. To be more specific, some applications only require Android 4.0 and above to be used, but many others need Android 6.0 or newer to be installed. Here, all you have to do is to check whether the app can match with your Android by:

  • Looking at the “Additional information” section on the Play Store to know whether there are specific software requirements to smoothly run the app.
  • Download the app AIDA64 at Apktovi.com and then check the specifications(Architecture, DPI) of your Android.

    Error Installing Apk
    Error Installing Apk
  1. Forgetting to enable the Unknown Sources

From the home screen select Settings > Security > Unknown Sources to activate this function.


Hope with this piece of information, you can easily get rid of the errors when installing APK on your Android. For more details, kindly visit the official site and subscribe to its Youtube channel as below. Thanks for reading the post!