[SOLVED] Exam-Labs CompTIA A+ Certification: The Most Strategic Way to Accelerate Your Career Growth

Every certification has its pros and cons, and some individuals have even more doubts about the value of foundational badges. One such option is CompTIA A+, and in this post, we are going to answer the most frequent questions related to it. So, what to know about the exams you have to pass to earn it? What skills you will validate with it? And on the whole, is the A+ credential worth attaining? Here’s our verdict.

Observing the Certification Path

To complete the Exam-Labs CompTIA A+ training, students must pass two tests, 220-1001 and 220-1002. The first exam, or Core 1 as its commonly known, focuses on networking technology, virtualization, cloud computing, network troubleshooting, mobile devices, and hardware.

Speaking of the Core 2 assessment (220-1002), it addresses the installation and configuration of operating systems, operational procedures, software troubleshooting, and basic security concepts. Exam-Labs Each of these tests has a registration fee of $226 and requires candidates to answer 90 questions in 90 minutes.

CompTIA A+ Certification: Is It Worth It?

If you are still asking yourself whether you need this credential, here are its top 3 benefits for you to take into account:

  1. CompTIA A+ will add value to your resume

CompTIA A+ is an invaluable tool when eyeing new opportunities at the foundational level. It shows the hiring managers that you are not just eligible for the position they offer but also you are ready to develop your skills, learn new things, and achieve the goals you set. Moreover, it makes your CV more visible for recruiters since it will have an extra element which is quite rare for beginners.

  1. It proves your mastery of foundational IT concepts

Believe it or not, attaining the ExamSnap CompTIA A+ certification puts you among the top performers at the foundational level. Of course, naysayers will claim it is just a fundamental training, which is true. But looking at the bigger picture, Exam-Labs CompTIA A+ has much more to it than validating just basic PC repair skills. It prepares you to perform well in the positions of a technical support specialist, field service technician, service desk analyst, etc.

  1. You gain vital hands-on skills

Not every IT geek aspires to become a top-ranked solutions architect or a knowledgeable CCIE accredited network professional. But it’s obvious that if having a proper foundation, one improves their chances to achieve this in the future. Thus, all successful professionals have one thing in common: they all invested their time, money, and dedication into building a solid knowledge base starting from the very beginning. And that’s exactly what Exam-Labs CompTIA A+ is intended to help you with.

The Bottom Line

Birds of a feather always seem to flock together. And the best way to get ahead in your career is to hang out with like-minded individuals, a forward-thinking team that values professional growth. You may not need big titles to help you progress in your new job but the CompTIA A+ certification will play a hugely important role in boosting your knowledge and helping you join a relevant community. You will get vital experience and skills to help you make incredible decisions relating to your niche. So, the journey starts today. Complete the CompTIA A+ training and become a reliable team player when it matters.