Everything about What is Link Sharing app on Android

Wanna share large video files or a huge number of images to a certain person or a group of people, but it turns out to be a little bit struggle because of the file size limitation. Whenever you attempt to send high-quality clips to your friends via instant messaging apps and upload an enormous attachment to your email address message, it regularly displays a popup notification saying that the specified files could be not uploaded or this file is exceeding the maximum file size. It is frustrating, isn’t it? So, how can we send huge files and documents free without facing any irritating file size limits? Let’s keep reading this article to learn about how to publish a large folder using link sharing app.

what is link sharing app

Samsung link sharing app

What is link sharing app?

As obviously shown in the app name, Link Sharing is the convenient transfer file application that allows users to straightforwardly share large sizes of videos, multiple photos, and massive document folders among family members, colleagues. Nowadays, there appear to be numerous free kinds of this application in the Store, namely Link sharing Samsung, Google Drive link-sharing or even Dropbox.

Samsung Link Sharing app


  • Use number phone to link your computer and Android phone.
  • Create a downloadable web link to share files or documents, as well as sending it via email or message.
  • Transfer original files with Samsung Cloud. You can share large files up to 2GB per day at once (therein the individual file size limit is1GB). The maximum file size will be only stored for two days.
  • A variety of file sharing options.
  • Support almost all file types (exclude APK files).

How to share large files

Samsung Link Sharing app lets people transfer large size files without any settings or cable connection requirement. You can simply select the file that you desire to send and give the temporal code to others, whereby they can get access to a shared file. Then all you need to do is punch in the code and start the download. If it’s still elusive, follow step-by-step instructions below:

To sender

  1. Open My files folder (the Gallery app)> Select the folder containing the wish file.
  2. Tap and hold that file. (Note: You can select more than 1file).
  3. Choose Link Sharing and then Create Code.
  4. Next, long-press to copy the code.

To receiver

  1. Enter the shared code to explore the downloadable content.
  2. Click on the Search icon on your keyboard to confirm the action.
  3. Hit the Download button to kick off downloading.


  • Download the Link Sharing app on Google Play first if it’s unavailable on your phone.
  • The access code only lasts within 10 minutes as soon as you generate it.
  • Link Sharing is only equivalent to the Android 6.0 version (Marshmallow) or higher.
  • The shared file that you download via Link Sharing is saved in the Download folder in the device’s internal storage.

Wrap up

To recap, we’ve introduced you to a useful link sharing app and clear instructions on how to use it. If you have any further questions related to the Link Sharing app, just get in touch with us or leave a comment below. Our team will help you out with any relevant problems.

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