[SOLVED] Facebook messenger gif button gone

It is reported that many users are sometimes annoyed when they find no gif button on Facebook Android. What an awful situation since Facebook allowed users to post a Gif on comments/status in 2015, this feature has always been among the much-loved features of Facebook. Imagine that you want to leave an encouraging GIF comment on your friend’s sad post, but the Gif button disappeared. So, you don’t want this to happen at all, do you? Now, milagromobilemarketing is going to suggest you four solutions for this inconvenience.

GIF function of function
Facebook released the GIF function

Solution 1: Make sure your programs be updated

Previously, Facebook users often find GIFs if they hit the Smiley button because the developers integrated GIF images and emojis in the same place. However, GIF button and Smiley-face button have been separated now.

Presently, if it appears that you have Gif button missing, don’t be down. You should consider updating the Facebook app and your software to their latest versions in the first place.

This solution may not always bring back the button. But, it still should be done before you carry out the next step to save your time. 

Solution 2: Report your problem to Facebook

This solution can not make your GIF button re-appear either; it serves your long-lasting benefit. Also, it takes you little time. Hence, if you experience the issue, let’s hit the “Report a Problem” link on your account to tell Facebook developers what you are struggling.

Solution 3: Have an app to support you

Some users did get the same problem as yours. What did they do?

Well, they went to the Play store, searched for ‘GIF Keyboard by Tenor,’ downloaded and installed it. Then, they saw the GIF option in the comment box as it must be. 

If you don’t mind, let’s try the app.

GIF Keyboard by Tenor app
GIF Keyboard by Tenor app

Solution 4: Post your GIFs without GIF button

Either having no GIF button or GIF not working on android, you still can post your favored gifs from other sites. All you need is some knowledge about how Facebook platform treats its users’ GIFs.

Milagromobilemarketing will show you how to do. Before that, please remember:

  • Facebook doesn’t like external GIFs, because links of those GIFs may direct users away from its site.
  • You are not allowed to upload GIFs from your computer and mobile phones to Facebook. 
  • You are prohibited from posting ads GIFs or from posting GIFs to brand pages.

Hence, if you want to post a GIF from external links to Facebook, follow the steps below:

  1. In the page where you find the GIF you wish to post as a Facebook comment, right-click on the GIF.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the “Open image in new tab” option.
  3. Copy all content on the address bar after verifying that the link ends with .gif (this is of crucial importance).
  4. Go to your Facebook comment box, past the link you have copied, and “Enter” to post the gif. Enjoy!
 GIF image on Facebook
An example of a GIF image that could be visible on Facebook


Milagromobilemarketing has guided you four solutions for no gif button on Facebook Android problem. We hope that you enjoy the tips. For more amazing Android tips and tricks, you are welcome to visit milagromobilemarketing.com.  Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you like it. Thanks for reading.