[SOLVED] Easy Way to Sync iTunes Books for Android

Nowadays, the audiobook is considered as one of the most useful and appealing tools that you can die for. It cannot be denied that audiobook assists readers greatly in learning something through listening without carrying a book in their bag at all time. In addition, with the help of audiobook, readers do not need to stop doing other things when you want to do some reading. That means while you are waiting for the bus, you can listen to audiobook concurrently. Furthermore, when you are in free time, you can turn it on as background music while collecting some ideas from it. There is no better feeling than owning an application reading out a book loudly for you rather than holding a paper book every moment.

Normally, book readers buy and store audiobooks on iTunes, which makes it difficult for Android users to enjoy the benefits of iTunes due to the DRM protection in iTunes. Specifically, the audiobooks you purchased from iTunes are DRM protected, and this prohibits you from transferring files manually from iTunes to other non-Apple devices. Now what we should do next to convert or synchronize iTunes audiobooks to Android devices? In the following, I am going to assist you in tackling this trouble by using some great applications that enable you to transfer and sync iTunes audiobooks to Android phones or tablets with one tip. Check it out below!

Three effective applications that assist you in transferring iTunes Audiobooks to Android

1. DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist is a helpful app which enables users to transfer audiobooks from iTunes to Android devices. This app is considered the best tool for syncing iTunes audiobooks because of its reliable results and user-friendly features. DoubleTwist lets users transmit audiobooks, photos, and videos and sync their media library to plenty of portable devices like Android devices. However, this app has a small drawback which is it consumes a little bit of time to complete the delivering iTunes audiobooks to Android. On the contrary, it still a great option for Android users to enjoy iTunes audiobooks on their devices. DoubleTwist’s users will certainly be overjoyed by how the app works and its results are awesomely good.


2. Audible

Audible is the most prevalent used app that supports Android users to listen to iTunes audiobooks on Android devices. It is a good choice when syncing iTunes audiobooks to Android because it owns the most effective file management among other apps. Moreover, Audible has a good ability to divide and place the audiobook files into two major categories which are iPod library content and audible direct downloads. 


3. iSyncr Android

iSyncr Android is the must-try app when converting iTunes audiobooks to Android devices. iSyncr Android is a greatly useful tool helping you to transfer the content they want to their Android freely. It is also simple to use because Android users are just requested to preinstall iSyncr Android app on PC, then launch this app when you want to transfer data and it will automatically connect to your iTunes for installation purposes. After that, you can install the Android client application and then delivery the data from iTunes to Android devices with ease. Especially, iSyncr Android offers a feature that allows you to seek all audiobooks that you want with your Android on the iTunes app.

iSyncr Android
iSyncr Android

How to convert iTunes audiobooks into MP3 Files

To change audiobooks from iTunes to Mp3 files, you had better search for AAC to MP3 audiobook converter so as to have iTunes audiobooks working on Android devices directly under Mp3 format. The app performs effectively by importing the iTunes audiobook files and offering you viable results that you have converted files successfully. The crucial function of this application is that it will unprotect the audiobook and music from numerous stores including iTunes. As mentioned, the iTunes audiobooks are covered under DRM protection which steps you back from transmitting these files. Apple uses sophisticated applications to assure that the content stored keeps untouched and unpirated. Now let’s jump into the guide on how to convert the iTunes audiobook into mp3 format:

Step 1: Firstly, you install the app on your devices. Once it has been done, you import the audiobooks from iTunes and then choose the audiobooks that you demand to change the file type.

Step 2: Now you pick up the output file as Mp3 and then start the conversation procedure. Wait for few minutes until the process is finished.

convert itunes audiobooks to mp3
Convert iTunes audiobooks into mp3

Wrap up

Following this article, you will handle comprehensively the data transfer between iTunes audiobooks and Android. Now you can enjoy your preferred iTunes audiobooks on your Android device directly. Leave the comments below to let us know if you have any questions. Also, remember to share this article with your friends.

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