[SOLVED] Android No Keyboard Only Voice Issue

Texting, in recent days, has developed into an exceedingly popular trend. People text to chat with friends, text to send a message on work, etc. But imagine one day your keyboard is broken. Commonly, the screen will appear a message: “Unfortunately, Android keyboard has stopped.” Then you cannot text for anyone else — what a disaster.  

The android no keyboard only voice error can affect your daily life negatively. But not anymore, milagromobilemarketing knows some neat tricks to deal with this problem. 

The solutions to get rid of android no keyboard only voice

Reboot your Android device

Restarting your Android device can help fix this error. This is the easiest solution that most people come up with when their devices got into trouble with the software system. 

To reboot your phone, follow the guidance below

  1. Hold the power button until a new interface come out. Normally, it will reveal four options: “reboot/restart,” “Power off,” and one or two more options depending on your device’s brand.
  2. Then you choose between “reboot” or “Power off” for the restart process. 

android no keyboard only voice

Update device system

Android system plays a crucial role, helping your applications run smoother.

If you haven’t updated the software, it could be the cause of some errors. So to fix the problem, you can update the software by following some simple steps below.

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Find and tap on About Device.
  3. Click Software Update or System Update.
  4. Your device will check for the latest updates. Then it will ask if you want to update to the newest version. Tab Yes

Then, check your keyboard app if the error “Can’t access my keyboard on Android- voice only” exists or not.

Clear the cache/data of the keyboard app/service

Clearing the cache and data of the Application allows you to delete corrupted files causing errors. Clearing cache files will not remove any critical information, but only personal settings on the app. 

  1. Open the Settings on your Android device. Next, tap Application Manager.
  2. Scroll down and select All.
  3. Search for keyboard application. It could be the Android Keyboard or keyboard you are using (in case if the third-party keyboard application is installed).
  4. Tap on the keyboard application, then choose Clear Cache/Clear Data. Lastly, tap OK to confirm.

android no keyboard only voice

Factory Reset

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions and there is no improvement on the issue, then you have to do the Factory Reset.

As the Factory Reset will delete all your memories, so please remember to backup all your essential data. 

  1. Select the Settings
  2. Scroll down and select General management.
  3. Tab on Reset option, then select the Factory data reset 

After the Factory reset process, your device will automatically reboot.

android no keyboard only voice

Use the third party application

If you don’t want to reset your device, this solution is an excellent alternative to help you eliminate this inconvenience. Instead of using the default keyboard on your Android device, you can use the 3rd keyboard app as the default keyboard to fix the error.

There is plenty of keyboard applications for the Android Device, find and download the appropriate one on our site. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the keyboard app, you’ll be asked if you want to set it up as your default keyboard, tab Yes.

android no keyboard only voice

Each keyboard has a different design and operation. So if you still prefer the Android default keyboard on your phone, you can perform some previous tricks above.  

Wrapping up

To sum up, we have shown you all the trick to solve the android no keyboard only voice issue. Now you can do it yourself, just follow correctly the guidance above. 

And don’t forget to visit our official website for more Android tech-trick. Thank you.