[SOLVED] Download Clash of Clans APK- No more geo-restriction

Are you looking for a tactic game similar to “Age of Empires” but do not have time to sit idle in front of the desktop for hours? Seeking out a game that you could play anytime and anywhere on your smartphone, “Clash of Clan” would be the perfect option that helps fulfill the dream of building your own empire. Unfortunately, sometimes people have to confront a download pending problem since “Clash of Clan” is restricted in some countries due to its graphic violence. In this article, I will kindly provide instructions on how to download Clash of Clan APK, together with the main features of this game.

Download Clash of Clans APK
Download Clash of Clans APK

Clash of Clan: Brief Introduction


Launched in August 2012, Clash of Clan has rapidly gained hundreds of thousands of downloads all over the world turning it into the top-grossing game on Google Play. Participating in “Clash of Clan”, people will have an opportunity to carry out multiple tasks, namely setting up private bases, training troops, along with joining the alliance battle on a large scale. More particularly, you will be immersed yourself into playing a “mayor” role who takes on responsibility for building ever-increasingly villages with the ultimate target of ruling mighty and astute defense forces to assault the opponents. Straightforward as it may seem, it is vital that players should accumulate experience via each combat. To win a battle, players need to plan strategies wisely on where units (troops, spells or heroes) should be placed because you can ruin the match once you place wrongly.

Main features

Vivid graphic design

Clash of Clan is designed with an eye-catching ultra 3D graphic creating a large and ideal playing space for players. Moreover, the complete satisfaction that comes from playing Clash of Clan is also the urging sound effect along with crystal clear image. Therefore, players can’t help but entirely engross in experiencing  “Clash of Clan”.

Download Clash of Clans APK
Download Clash of Clans APK


Besides the 1vs1 basic match, players could take part in massive clans or groups of more than 50 people. Not only can players get involved in Clan Wars together, but also they exchange troops. Plus, there’s nothing more exciting than playing games and talking to each other at the same time. 

Builder base

Released by SuperCell, Builder base is a completely new game mode that enables players to create their own unique village by collecting resources. In this mode, players who inflict greater damage to rivals or own more stars can earn rich rewards such as gold, elixir or trophies.

Instruction to download

Clash of Clan APK

As an Android user, the term “APK” may come as no surprise since sometimes, there happen to be some unpredictable errors during the download. “Clash of Clan APK” is the package file format needed to access to software installation on an Android device. Having an available Clash of Clan APK on your phone would be advantageous, especially in these cases below:

  • Google Play has issued region-locked access to your country because of the inappropriate content of the game.
  • Users yearn to have a better visual experience while playing the game.
  • The internal storage of your device is running out.
  • The security settings on your phone prevent you from downloading the game.
  • Your Android device doesn’t correspond with the app version, etc.  

On the mobile phone

To have Clash of Clan APK installed on your phone, it is a must to change your settings in order to enable the download from unknown sources. Then, downloading Clash of Clan APK is seemingly an effortless task for users. First, you need to visit the website ApkToVi and search for the app’s name. Next, click on the “Download” button and wait for the download to complete. All you need to do next is hitting “Install” which shows up on your screen. 

On PC/Laptop

To experience Clash of Clan with high-performance on your PC, especially Windows 7/8/10 or Mac PC, you need to install supplemental software such as an emulator. In this article, I will instruct you to download Clash of Clan APK on your desktop via Bluestacks, the most-used emulator suggested by users. 

Using either your web’s browser or Bluestacks’ browser to download an APK file is your own choice. Whatever you choose, you still have to access a reliable APK site to download “Clash of Clan”. After finishing the download, go for Bluestacks’ main screen and tap Install.


In brief, downloading Clash of Clan APK will come in handy in case that it is geo-blocked in your country. With all the prominent features mentioned above, I’m sure that Clash of Clan could bring out the most exhilarating experience to you guys, especially for those who are addicted to a real-time strategy game. If you find this post useful, why not leave a comment and don’t forget to share it with your friends.