[SOLVED] Does Live Wallpaper Drain Battery?

Live wallpapers could make phones more dynamic but people still have concerns regarding their use and “Does live wallpaper drain battery?” is a prime example. You like the idea behind live wallpapers but want to know whether they have a big impact on battery life before installing one? Then it’s suggested that you spare a bit of your time to check out this article. Down below is all the information that you should keep in mind about live wallpapers and the way they affect the drain rate of phone batteries. 


At the moment, once it comes to the question of “Does live wallpaper drain battery?”, the universally agreed answer is “Yes, it does”.  On average, live wallpapers drain between 2% and 4% more battery than static wallpapers. The increase in battery consumption is the result of live wallpapers keeping the processor on and making the screen display moving images. That is the cost you must accept if you wish to keep your phone lively.  

Noteworthily, not all live wallpapers consume the same amount of battery and some consume less battery than the rest. In times of need, you could see how much battery live wallpapers drain by going to Setting > Battery > Usage. 

Does Live Wallpaper Slow Down The Phone? 

In layman’s terms, everything on your phone including live wallpapers requires resources to run. If the device possesses a lot of RAM, the presence of live wallpapers won’t impair operations in most of the cases. On the other hand, if you don’t have much RAM to spare on your phone, live wallpapers could slow down the device from time to time. For good measure, you should test out your phone to see if it’s able to support the live wallpaper you like and still work as expected. 

One way to test is to open an application and return to the home screen in quick succession. If you notice lags, lingering black screen and so on, it’s a good idea to change the live wallpaper. 

Can Live Wallpapers Crash Phones?

Sometimes, live wallpapers can crash phones as a result of resource shortages, bugs in the code, etc. To prevent live wallpapers from crashing your phone, you should check out specs of the live wallpaper to ensure that it is suitable for the device. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid running multiple resource-intensive apps alongside live wallpapers. Last but not least, update your live wallpaper from time to time to keep it compatible. 

Is It Possible To Use Videos As Live Wallpapers?

Technically, Android users could use videos as live wallpapers on modern phones but depending on the device, it’s necessary to download and install third-party apps. Many of those apps have their own library of videos that you could use but feel free to use your own videos if you wish. Via the apps, you should be able to select the speed and style of the videos to your liking. The apps usually allow you to choose the position of the videos on the screen as well. 

Does Black Wallpaper Save Battery?

Many people assume since there is nothing on black wallpapers, they won’t consume battery. In reality, depending on the type of screen, black wallpapers could still drain the phone battery. If your phone features a LCD screen, don’t expect black wallpapers to help extend the battery life. On the other hand, if the screen on your phone is an OLED one, black wallpapers would be able to lengthen the time it takes to deplete the battery. 

Here is what you could do to tell LCD and OLED apart:


Download a pitchblack image from Google, open that image, go to a dark room and turn the brightness to 100%. If your screen looks like the phone is off, it is an OLED but if you notice some backlight, your screen is a LCD.


Go to the official website of your phone manufacturer, search for the model of the device and hit Tech Specs/specification sheet. Next, scroll down to the screen and see what it says. 


Download and install Display Tester application then make your way to Tests. Next, hit Defective Pixel Detection and scroll down to find the color black. If the black color appears as if your phone is off, your screen is an OLED.