[SOLVED] Enable/Disable Swipe to Answer Android

At times, it’s impossible to swipe to answer phone calls on Andriod phones and knowing how to enable/disable swipe to answer Android would be handy. Depending on individual liking, Android users could use either voice commands or gestures as a substitute for swipe to answer. Both features are available on Android phones nowadays but they are turned off by default. If you want to phone calls in the manner you like, this article is for you.

How To disable to answer Calls on Android Phone.

Method 1: enable features that allow answering without touching screen

Prior to starting the process, it’s notable that the screenshots in this instruction were taken from a Galaxy S5 phone. However, the steps below also work for many other types of high-end Android devices.

1. First of all, open the app drawer, and choose Settings, or touch the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the notification shade.

 choose Settings

2. Inside the Settings menu under the Quick Settings section, you will find the Accessibility option (a hand icon), then tap on it.

choose hand icon named Accessibility

3. Scroll down to find the Personalization section, and select it to continue.

4.  Next, tap the option called Answering and ending calls.

 tap on the Answering and ending calls option

5.  There will be listed with three options that allow you to disable swipe to answer incoming phone calls, namely, ‘Pressing the Home key’, ‘Voice control’, and ‘Waving hand over device’. From our own experience, we recommend you use the Voice control and Waving hand over device options. They are the most practical and effective ways to answer a phone call when your hands are dirty and don’t want to touch the screen. Depending on your case, you can choose to enable one or both of them.

disable swipe to answer phone calls

One more thing we want to remind you that voice control cannot work when your phone is in vibrate mode. Therefore, to improve the accuracy of the voice recognition system, attempt to say the command when the volume of the ringtone is reduced.

From now, whenever you receive an incoming call, you just simply say, “Answer the call,” or wave your hand over the top of the device to accept it. Furthermore, if you want to refuse the call, just turn the phone upside down. Please note that whenever you answer a phone call using your voice, the speaker will be turned on automatically.

Method 2: use the Easy Answer app for Android smartphones

Another way to remove ‘swipe to unlock’ screen on Android is to use the Easy Answer app. This wonderful app leads you to answer, silence incoming calls and end the ongoing call without even touching the screen. These features are extremely handy when you have dirty hands, you are wearing gloves, or you cannot touch the screen. This app is fairly simple to use.

  • When you choose “On Ear” as the answering gesture, you will simply raise the phone to your ear to answer calls.

Answering calls without having to swipe

  • If you require “Off Ear” as ending gesture, you will end the call by lifting your phone away from your ear.
  • And, choosing “Close Proximity” if you want to silence the ringing, you put your hand close to the phone screen or slide your hand across the screen without touching it.

No swipe to answer android

It sounds interesting, right? However, you also have to careful when using these features because you can accidentally end a call if you put your phone away for a moment.


We hope these ways will help you change the setting of swipe unlock to use call options successfully. You also find many other helpful blogs on milagromobilemarketing.com  websites. Thank you!