[SOLVED] Cut Car’s Cost by Using RepairPal App for Android

Have you ever been to a vulnerable situation that your car suddenly broke down on the street? And that time you didn’t know where to have your car repaired? This time milagromobilemarketing will solve this problem by introducing an app: RepairPal App for Android.

repairpal app for android

About RepairPal App for Android

RepairPal is an app that can help you with the auto emergency, a roadside breakdown, or just a small problem. RepairPal app tells you the right price to pay for your repair, finds you a great mechanic in the area, tracks all your repairs and gives you one-touch access to roadside assistance. Moreover, this app is prepared 24/7 for a car emergency and it covers all the places in the United State, so don’t worry if your car has a problem at midnight.

Thanks to these features, this car repair app was voted as the app of the week by the New York Times and Edmunds.com, and Huffington Post also called it “Best money-saving app”. However, this app is only available in the US and covers only the US models.

Key features of the RepairPal app for Android

1. Save money

When a car breaks down, as usual, we take it to the nearest shop to have it repaired. Nevertheless, with this roadside assistance app, you can compare the prices at home, then choose the one that has a fair price.


2. Find a shop

Find a trustworthy shop is very important as it not only saves your money but also prevents your car from getting worse. The car repair pal app does this task well.

You can do it by tap the Find a shop button and input your preferred distance in mileage to find a mechanic. Moreover, to find the most suitable for you, just filter the listings by All, Specialists or Dealership. Then after a few seconds, the Repairpal app for Android gives you a list of mechanics with the addresses of each, their distance from you and the shop’s rating. Tap on a shop’s listing to get additional details such as phone number, certifications, the shop’s opening hour and reviews from past customers.

3. Get roadside assistance

Get roadside assistance

This car mechanic app brings roadside assistance by allowing you to pay only when you actually need help, instead of paying an annual membership fee.

4. Track your repairs

All your repairs history is being recorded. So if you find a favorite repairing shop, just open this best Android Car app and you will find it.

Repairpal Reviews

Is RepairPal App for Android really good or not? Let’s take a look at how people reviewed it.

In the main website of RepairPal, Ron.D gave Repairpal App 5 stars with a positive comment: “I put in a search for a Porsche mechanic on Cape Cod… RepairPal found the most honest and reliable mechanic I’ve ever had! He not only replaced the rear tubes, but replaced the top system between the turbos as well.”

Or, another user comment: “I’m so glad I found this trustworthy auto repair shop. Thanks for the yelp reviewers to share their pleasing experience!… Remember, before you go to an auto shop, make sure to ask questions on repairpal.com to find out what your car’s problems are and how much it would cost to fix them (repairpal’s estimate). Then book your appointments with their certified shops. If anything wrong, call them. Repairpal will solve the issues for you.”

The bottom line

To sum up, RepairPal App for Android is an extremely good app you should install if you have a car. Milagromobilemarketing has shown you the benefits of this astounding app, hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for reading!