[SOLVED] Couldn’t Pair Because Of Incorrect PIN Or Passkey

On Android, the process of pairing devices via Bluetooth is no-nonsense but it sometimes experiences errors and “couldn’t pair because of incorrect PIN or passkey” is a prime example. If you run into the error about incorrect PIN or passkey, it’s possible that you have messed up the PIN/passkey and you must carry out corrections. Additionally, you could restart your phone, unpair all Bluetooth devices, reset network settings, … Continue reading to be able to pair devices at will and enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

A List Of Possibilities 

It’s not uncommon for Android devices to run into errors but regarding  “couldn’t pair because of incorrect PIN or passkey”, you should consider these scenarios: 

  • PIN/passkey is incorrect. 
  • Bugs. 
  • Obstructing Bluetooth devices. 
  • Ill-suited network settings

Actions To Take 

Correct The PIN/Passkey

In case you don’t know, PIN/passkey is a security measure that protects devices from unauthorized access by third parties. Needless to say, if you make a mistake as you enter PIN/passkey, there is no way the pairing could go ahead. On the bright side, if incorrect PIN/passkey is the root of the problem, you don’t need to do much. All you have to do is to correct the PIN/passkey then initiate the pairing process one more time. 


All in all, bugs could complicate many activities on Android including the pairing of devices via Bluetooth. If you suspect bugs to be responsible for the error about incorrect PIN or passkey, restart your phone. 

  • Step 1: Press and hold the Power button then hit Restart. 
  • Step 2: Confirm your decision if prompted and leave the device alone as it restarts. 
  • Step 3: When the screen comes back on, initiate the pairing process again and witness the result. 

Unpair All Bluetooth Devices 

  • Step 1: Open Settings, go to Bluetooth and unpair on devices listed there. 
  • Step 2: Restart your phone. 
  • Step 3: Give Bluetooth pairing one more go then see how things turn out. 

Note: On occasions, it’s a good idea to clear cached data of Bluetooth as well. 

  • Step 1: Open your device’s Settings, select Applications, choose the three-line icon and hit Show system apps. 
  • Step 2: Click each of the Bluetooth apps, pick Storage and hit Clear data/Clear cache.
  • Step 3: Restart your phone. 

Reset Network Settings 

  • Step 1: Open Settings, select General Management and choose Reset.
  • Step 2: Hit Reset network settings then confirm your decision if prompted. 
  • Step 3: Determine whether the issue persists. 

What Is A PIN/Passkey?

In a nutshell, PIN (Personal Identification Number)/passkey is a security code used to authenticate and establish a Bluetooth connection between two devices. Whenever you pair Bluetooth-compatible devices, you would see a prompt requiring you to enter a PIN/passkey to verify that you are authorized to connect. 

How Does Bluetooth Work?

Developed in 1994 by the Swedish company Ericsson, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that enables the transfer of data and information between devices over short distances. It uses radio waves to create a secure, low-power connection between devices such as smartphones, laptops, and headphones. Bluetooth works by pairing two devices together and establishing a direct communication link between them. That allows users to share files, stream music, make phone calls, and control devices remotely. 

What Is The Latest Bluetooth Version?

Announced in January 2020, Bluetooth 5.2 is currently the latest version of Bluetooth and it includes several improvements over the previous version: improved performance, enhanced audio quality, increased range, etc. It also added support for features such as LE Audio (enables high-quality audio over Bluetooth Low Energy connections) and Isochronous Channels (allows for synchronized audio and video streaming).

Is Bluetooth The Same As Wi-Fi?

Although both WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technologies for connecting devices, they serve different purposes. Wi-Fi is primarily used to connect devices to the internet, while Bluetooth is used to transfer data across electronic devices over short distances. Besides that, WiFi offers greater range and higher data transfer speeds while Bluetooth is more power-efficient and better suited for connecting peripheral devices such as headphones, speakers, keyboards, …