[SOLVED] Carrier Hub Processing Requests

In general, most modern Android devices come with a number of preinstalled applications and Carrier Hub is one of them. Designed to handle quite a few functions from voice-over WiFi to customer service of mobile carriers, Carrier Hub influences the experience of Android users. Usually, Carrier Hub stays in the background until people need to use it so not many bother with its presence. However, sometimes, Carrier Hub gives rise to the unclearable “Carrier Hub processing requests” notification which is a source of frustration.

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A Summary Of The Notification 

How to remove carrier Hub processing requests? Tmobile Note 20 : r/samsung

So you find the notification from Carrier Hub annoying but cannot get rid of it? Then it’s suggested that you check out this article. Down below is all the information that you must keep in mind when the “Carrier Hub processing requests” notification appears.

What Make It Pops Up: Possibilities 

Android devices display different notifications for different reasons but regarding the one from Carrier Hub, you should memorize the following.


Overall, before jumping to conclusion, you need to assume that the Carrier Hub notification shows itself as the situation demands. In case you don’t know, every time your phone loses connection to cell towers,  the “Carrier Hub processing requests” notification is going to surface. Aside from that, your phone would present the notification from Carrier Hub for a period of time following each restart. If procedures happen to be the one responsible, the Carrier Hub notification automatically disappears after your phone establishes connection to cell towers.


To put it plainly, bugs on the Android operating system wreak havoc on quite a few functions and notification is not an exception. Therefore, if you have a hard time clearing notifications on your phone, it’s suggested that you take bugs into account. By removing bugs that plague the device, you should be able to restore the performance of functions with relative ease. It’s worth pointing out that many tips and tricks for bug removals exist so you never have to worry about running out of options.

Corruption In The Cache 

Similar to other Android applications, Carrier Hub takes advantage of cached to accelerate its operations. In the case that the cache of Carrier Hub is free of corruption, it would perform smoothly around the clock. On the other hand, if its cache becomes corrupted, Carrier Hub may go haywire and the unclearable “Carrier Hub processing requests” notification is the consequence. As long as corruption remains in the cache, the notification could linger on the screen of your Android phone indefinitely.


For your information, Android updates not only improve the way that devices function in use but also refine their interoperability. Thus, if you allow your phone to fall into obsolescence, it’s going to run into all sorts of errors. Since notification is a part of the device settings and Carrier Hub is a preinstalled application, they both suffer from obsolete operating system. On the bright side, bringing Android phones up-to-date is not a hard task for most of the time.

Service Is Down 

Nothing is out of the ordinary on your phone but the notification from Carrier Hub still refuses to go away? Then there is a very good chance that the service is down in the area so your phone cannot locate a working cell tower nearby. If you face such a scenario, it’s impossible to do much from your end.

A List Of Solutions 

When Android users notice that they cannot clear the “Carrier Hub processing requests” notification, they resort to multiple fixes. That being said, if you place the odds of success above all else, you have to consider trying out these measures.


Instead of frantically attempting to clear the Carrier Hub notification, it’s suggested that you wait a bit. On occasions, Android devices take longer than usual to connect to cell towers which leads to lingering of the “Carrier Hub processing requests” notification. Nonetheless, the moment your phone manages to establish connection, the notification from Carrier Hub should vanish on its own. Hence, don’t pay attention to the notification tab and keep on using your phone for the time being.


If you suspect that the Carrier Hub notification not going away is the work of bugs, it’s widely advised that you restart your phone. By restating your phone, you would be able to eliminate the bugs that prevent functions on your phone from working. Depending on the model, you could restart your Android phone via either the integral option or side buttons. In a pinch, you also have the option of removing and reinserting the battery to simulate a restart.

Clear The Carrier Hub Cache 

To address the corrupted cache of an application on Android devices, clearing the cache is by all accounts the best fix. Follow these steps if you like to clear the cache of Carrier Hub.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Select Apps
  • Step 3: Choose Carrier Hub
  • Step 4: Pick Storage
  • Step 5: Tap Clear Cache

Note: To be thorough, it’s a good idea to clear the cache partition of your phone as well. You can access the option to clear the cache partition by booting into Recovery Mode.

Update The Operating System

In the beginning, make sure that you connect your phone to a strong WiFi network in the vicinity. Next, go to Settings, select About Phone and tap Check for updates. In the case that an update is available for your phone, proceed to hit the Update button. Afterward, read the onscreen instructions to initiate the update process then wait until it wraps up.

Contact The Mobile Carrier 

Certain that besides the Carrier Hub notification, everything is working fine from your end? Then you must give the availability of service in your area some thought. Look up the contact details of your mobile carrier to get in touch with the customer service. That would allow you to determine whether the service is down. If the service is indeed down, the customer service should give you an estimate on the resumption of service.


Google (GOOG) can still use Bluetooth to track your Android phone when Bluetooth is turned off — Quartz

Is it possible to uninstall Carrier Hub?

As mentioned above, Carrier Hub is a preinstalled application so there is no way to uninstall it normally. Still, if you gain superuser permission by rooting your Android phone, you could uninstall Carrier Hub at any time. That being said, Carrier Hub participates in a wide range of operations on your phone so its removal may cause disruption. Unless you know your way around Android OS, it’s best to keep Carrier Hub on your phone.

What is the downside of keeping Carrier Hub?

All in all, Carrier Hub is an app so it occupies a portion of the memory storage of your phone. In addition to that, Carrier Hub runs in the background so it places a burden on the processing capacity. Naturally, with Carrier Hub running, your phone would behave kind of sluggish if you open too many apps at once. Last but not least, the battery drain of your phone should accelerate if you keep Carrier Hub.

How do I disable Carrier Hub?

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Select Apps
  • Step 3: Choose Carrier Hub
  • Step 4: Pick Disable

After you disable Carrier Hub, it’s going to stop running which puts an end to quite a few issues including the unclearable notification. In a sense, disable is an excellent alternative to uninstallation as you get to keep Carrier Hub but avoid problems that it creates. Nonetheless, you need to re-enable Carrier Hub from time to time to make use of specific features.

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