[SOLVED] Can’t Delete Files From Sd Card Android

There are many reasons why you can’t delete files from SD card Android. System conflicts, software errors, damaged hardware, you name it. 

can't delete files from sd card android

Technology tends to be glitchy from time to time. The below tips from Milagromobilemarketing will help you fix the issue and start deleting things as usual again. 

What to do when you can’t delete stuff from your SD card

Delete it from the PC

Assuming nothing is wrong with the SD card, but rather it has something to do with your device, you should be able to delete things using your pc. 

Connect your phone to PC

Connect your Android device to your PC and access the storage through My Computer. Deleting files from your SD card becomes exponentially easier if you do it from a PC. However if the device still refuses to let you do so, try the following. 

Scan and repair

Do not unplug the connector, go back to the SD card in My Computer. Right click on it,  select properties then click on tool. Then choose scan and repair. After it finishes running, see if you can delete stuff now. 

Data wipe/factory reset 

can't delete files from sd card android

Failed to delete file sd card android? No worries, just wipe all data like a genesis flood. By the way, in our other article, we have already mentioned recovery mode, data wiping, factory reset, and similar operation. So, if you have read our other articles you should be familiar already. 

However, just in case you haven’t, we would like to spare you the labor of having to locate them. Below is how to perform a factory reset. 

Turn off your phone, and turn it back on again. Then immediately press and hold down the power button, the volume up and also the home button. That should bring up the system operation menu for you to wipe the data. 

Quick note though, some of the newer models Samsung Galaxy devices have this option ready right in the setting menu of your phone. So, there is no need to go through all of the steps above. Also, some Android devices have a slightly different way to access the system operation menu such as only having to press and hold the power button and volume up button. 

Experiment around with those buttons and we are sure you should be able to bring up the menu easily. 

Counterfeit SD card

can't delete files from sd card android

If by any chance, after performing the data wipe but the next time you want to delete something in the phone but it failed again, there is a high chance your SD card is counterfeit. That is the most common reason with most issues pertaining to SD cards. 


However, if it is all fixed then it’s good. To prevent similar things to happen in the future, it is highly advisable to leave at least 10% free storage space on your SD card. Your Android devices require space to do everything and anything including deleting stuff. That’s why a fully or almost packed SD card might have been the cause of the issue. 

It is not a definitive cause as there might be tons of other reasons, but you should still do so as a precaution. 

Time to Wipe

Hopefully, you should be able to wipe things off as usual now. If you still can’t delete files from SD card Android, you can bring your device to a repair shop or something and get an expert to examine them. 

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