[SOLVED] Camera Flash Not Working Android

camera flash not working android

Once it comes to camera flash not working Android, flash settings might be at fault and the first thing to do is to make sure that flash is on. Depending on the individual liking, it can be set either to stay on at all times or operate automatically in certain light conditions. Alternatively, it’s wise to clean your camera’s lens and charge phone’s battery. You should take a look at the compatibility of the camera application on your phone as well. Last but not least, since obsolete OS causes a lot of problems, you should update your Android operating system. 

Common Causes

Firstly, you’d better understand why your camera flash is not working on your device before taking any further actions to fix it. Here,  we list out common reasons causing the camera flash malfunction:

  • The flash is accidentally turned off.
  • Filter effects in a camera application may disable the flash.
  • The battery of your phone is low.
  • An integrated camera app is incompatible with the hardware.
  • The flash breaks down because of liquid damage or physical trauma.
  • The current software may be out of date. 

why isn't my flash working on my android

Notes Before Troubleshooting

Before you start fixing your camera flash not working Android, it’s essential to make sure you take some actions as below:

  • Disable filter effects – This action will rule out the possibility of the camera flash malfunction causing by filters while you’re troubleshooting.
  • Fully charge the battery – You should make sure your battery is full enough to turn on the flash.
  • Examine if there are any physical/liquid damage – Because of physical destruction, the flash will work incorrectly. In the case of having liquid damage, the device may have a problem with circuitry that damage the camera flash.
  • Check the versions of the firmware, and camera apps – They may need upgrading to the latest versions for running correctly
  • Reset your device – You should reboot your phone as sometimes there is a temporary problem. 

why isn't my flash working on my android


Step 1: Clean the flash and camera lens

It’s critical to keep your flash and camera lens clean to help it function well. You should use a soft cloth, getting wet with mild soap and water. Please bear in mind that chemicals, strong detergents, or cleaning solvents are in the blacklist for the mobile device’s cleaning.

Step 2: Turn the flash on

Find AppsCameraSettingsFlash

Step 3: Set auto mode for the camera

Find AppsCameraModeAuto

Step 4: Test the camera with the flash

After setting as the instructions in the previous actions, you can now test your camera and the flash. 

From the Home screen on the device, tap Apps, and go to the Camera. Here, try to shoot a photo by touching the screen to make focus on a particular object/area. Then let the focal point change into the green. Finally, you hit the camera shutter button to capture a photo. Then, the question “why isn’t my flash working on my android” is no longer a splitting headache.

why isn't my flash working on my android

The bottom line

 We have done our part here. Our instructions are simple and easy as a piece of cake for you guys to follow. 

Now, it’s your turn, our dear readers, to take action and get your camera flash not working Android fixed. 

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