How to quickly get rid of extra spaces in Word

In that case, To remove extra spaces in Microsoft Word features are already provided in Microsoft Word. The procedure for removing multiple extra blank spaces in Word Document  10, 13, and 16 is basically alike. In this article, we will focus on eliminating extra spaces between words, lines, and paragraphs.

How to block someone on Spotify?

It’s no secret that having an online presence lets the world know about your preferences and many other things that you want to keep to yourself. Spotify is a popular music streaming app with millions of users. The app allows you to create private as well as public playlists.

Android Call Ended Immediately Issue

android call ended immediately fix

If Android call ended immediately whenever you pick up, poor reception is likely responsible and you should consider moving to an open location for increased signal strength. Alternatively, you may want to reset your smartphone, wipe app cache, perform a factory reset and so on. It won’t hurt to check out your SIM card and replace it … Read more